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Just What Can We Learn From Art?

February 15, 2016


Art is a reflection of it’s time, woven into the fabric of society, like an intrinsic element of  human DNA. This curious aspect of human potential operates throughout society both on political and social levels as well as wandering freely throughout all of lifes possibilities. Which is why looking at art objectively, should inform us about the time in which we live through the evolving visual language.

I firmly believe that art is like a mirror being held up, in which we can see a reflection of the society in which we live. A reflection from a different perspective, often constructed through the subconscious and communicating through the subconscious state. The mystery of creative impulse reflecting the inherent knowledge and intuition that we feel and understand in an unknowing but fundamental way.


Ever evolving art teaches us on many levels, as it transforms through the fundaments of technical innovation. Art also acknowledges and is influenced by the general direction eminating from society, in a sense reflecting the passage of time as well as fundamental human qualities which are quite timeless.

The question of whether art leads society in any way or whether it allows society to progress through the communication of future possibilities is an interesting one. Because art has always provided a safe haven for those with progressive views, the unconventional bohemians and free thinkers and the awkward people who question the norm with their unconventional views.  Art being the conduit by which we see through the cracks of convention and directing society towards a more liberal and free approach to life.


Revolutionary would be a good way to describe art, locked into an eternal struggle, both within the artists own mind and within the context of society. You see art even wrestles with itself both in a contemporary and historical contexts, as philosophical approaches fundamentally challenge each other head to head. Of course there is no single path or correct idea and so with that level of subjectivity, there will always be passsionate debate.

I feel that society is dependent on reinvention and reinvention requires unconventional thinking to break engrained living patterns, to push the boundaries and topple repression. Something which art excels at in its search for something new and fresh, after all art is a state of perpetual reinvention. There to shake us out of complacency and agitate our smug complacency.


The artist who’s raison d’etre is making art for society has a huge responsibility to offer something of value to their society and for me this is the crux of art and the reason why I endure the torment and struggle. This responsibility requires a huge volume of thinking in the broadest context of civilization, not only from a historical context but a contemporary context and also a future perspective. But because art reflects the essence of human consciousness it is encumbent upon the artist to explore a broad general knowledge of human endeavour, from the perspective of society and civilisation and also the spirituality of being.

In a way an artist is a scholar of all things, a sentient being absorbed deeply into the human vibe, to the point of being lost at times. Because this is what it requires to communicate a deep and meaningful message. Art doesn’t just happen when you pick up a pencil, art happens because you’ve been radicalised into a messenger with a story to tell.


But art is of course multi-dimensional, with a broad role in society, in fact the term art is so broad that it encompasses a vast plethera of offerings to charm each and every one of our senses. So as I write about art from the specificity of my singular direction, it is only the crack through which I see the world.

Thank you for looking ❤

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