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The Mind Taveller’s Life

February 16, 2016


15There are no words to describe many states of being and the words which we use are often leading and invariably influence our thinking patterns. Which is why I sometimes wonder how I would percieve the world and what form my thinking pattrens would take without words. This question first materialised for me when I was about fifteen and suddenly awoke to some of my limitations and inabilities to think beyond the confines and parameters that I grew up within. I remember feeling frustrated that my communication, and vocabulary  was limited in a finite way and that going beyond it was extremely complicated. The question I had was, could words be used to describe and explain the totality of my experience and feelings? and the answer felt like no.

The issue I had, was in finding a way to explore life free from the baggage life forces upon us and find a viewpoint that wasn’t governed by tradition, conditioning or expectation.  I felt that an alphabet of twentysix letters seemed too few and only offered twentysix sounds and symbols all of which were engrained into my conscious mind. I remember after the impossibility of trying to design a new letter with a sound, realising that the palette of my vocabulary was restricted and so began the curiosity which led me into the free and open language of art. The invitation to explore life from the perspective of my choice through art was a no brainer even if my ability was average.


Daydream is one example of a word that is widely used to describe  an assumed generality, including the internal thought process of a thinker, which I believe misrepresents this reflective state. For it is not dreaming when you pursue thoughts which penetrate the conscious mind and dig deep into the complex connectivity of existence. Because of this word and its derogatory inference we make huge assumptions about the act of deep contemplation. I believe it’s a prime example of how language influences our thinking and subverts our actions and lives, away from the more intuitive processes of being.

Since I can remember I’ve been a traveller of the mind  which was often assumed to be daydreaming by the those around me. These thought processes are fundamental to my art and yet at times I almost felt ashamed of how I drift into this internal process whilst my body is held in a trance like state. Only now do I realise that this state is fundamental to my art and the place where I find my inspiration, that in spite of my body I can experience existence through an altogether different sentient process.

To exist in the midst of chaos and pulsating distractions I believe that finding a place of stillnesss is essential. Where you can contemplate  the meaning of your life and find a way of connecting with the fundamental actualities of existence. To this end my life has not been about geographical location for inspiration, neither has it been based on reaction to interaction or even knowledge aquisition from the wealth of academic research. Instead I chose to live my lif as I felt it should be lived and make art to reflect my reality.


Much of my philosophical approach to art and life may appear to be counter intuitive to societal tradition and expectation, but I do  believe my approach has a validity and is a route to greater knowledge from the simple act of living. That by living and pursuing a direction which feels correct it is my hope that the empirical knowledge I gain will teach me about who I am, and also about human behaviour in the various states which our lives are subjected to. Again it’s hard to explain but I simply don’t want to approach life under the influence or the doctrines of others. Neither do I want to become stuck in the fixation of diluted philosophical debate, concerned with the details of an aspect of society.

I remember at school the boredom of a dictated curriculum would always lead me to following my own thoughts in silence, switched off to the room and travelling with the freedom of my mind, where I could feel connected and content with my true reality of being. At the time I had no idea that my life as an artist would be dependent on this travelling through the mind. Well what do you think? mindtravel or daydream or even thoughtchaser 🙂


It’s funny but throughout life we judge one another and a fair share of judgements have come my way triggered by my unconventional lifestyle. And all of this judgement is a distraction of society as we stand behind our assumptions to the point of being defined by them. So society offers us a theatre for debate as we follow  certain ideas we feel comfortable with, but I feel that by being locked into a debate of established principles the future becomes predictable. And it becomes predictable because it is based on past precedent which is why it’s so important to break the mould in order to move forward and progress. Not to accept what is but to ask if it works and if not what is the alternative that would benefit humanity and the planet we are privileged to inhabit.

Just imagine a society which worked in an open and transparent way where you could speak the truth without fear and where everyone worked for the common good of humanity. States without secrets working together for an inclusive world civilization in which the aims were concerned with human and planetary welfare. A system that is not based on any political dogma but instead. holistic welfare, progress and evolution. You see from my perspective politics are a human invention based on difference and judgement and sometimes you have to see beyond them to imagine a bigger picture. But instead humanity is locked into an escalating struggle based on historical precedence, because we’ve been manipulated into identifying with judgmental opinion.


My opinion from the grass roots level is that life is beautiful and society is ugly, so why is that, why is the quality of the privilege of existence compromised by a devisive and judgmental society, why is tyrrany and hierarchy maintained at all cost. Of course the answer is obvious both in the ideals of a hierarchy which is built on greed, difference and control and the fact that human nature can lead towards an inert complacency. It’s perhaps just unfortunate that a few megalomaniacs sieze power from where they command society and organise the masses. And unfortunately the manipulation of the masses is no coincidence but instead a cynical and calculated means of control, worked out through devious psychological methodology.

Revolutionary thinking is one of the ways to break through and establish new concepts to lead the way because without significant change, the evolution of concepts such as capitalism lead us into great danger and troubled times. If we can’t change a system that is damaging the planet because it exists, then we really are utterly stupid. Blindly following economic principles because we are so conditioned that we are unable to see an alternative set of values for the governance of humanity. Unable to comprehend life in any other way than it currently is because our education didn’t liberate our minds.


This short essay from me is an explanation of why I believe in human freedom, why I believe freedom’s so important and why I live my life in this awkward way. It starts at the gassroots of society because it’s only down here that you can challenge the system with impunity and freely offer an opinion without fear. And it’s also down here where you find the freedom to think and explore alternatives, because there is no success or failure, when you are not subject to the weight of societies judgement. And it’s also down here where you feel the full effects of what is a brutal and uncaring society, when you live on the very edge of economic survival.

I used to write “fuck you, you fucking fuckers, cos I’m alright”  frequently on my art works  and blogs, it was a statement about the reality of an uncaring society. And although it may come across as crude it’s still the most profound statement I’ve made with regards to being a reflection of my society. Now it’s become a joke with a few friends of mine and provides great amusement and I think that’s because of it’s ironic honesty.


As an artist I set my own agenda and I think my own thoughts because that is my privilege. My thoughts are of a singular nature and the findings of my mindtravelling I’m neither right or wrong because judgement is subjective and though my first language is my art I’ve learned to articulate the gist of it with words in english using the twentysix symbols. I do this because I feel artists have a duty to communicate with society no matter how reluctant society is to listen.

Art can provide a sound philosophical interpretation and insight into the nature of being simply because it raises so many questions from often unconventional standpoints. This leads to the conclusion “I make marks therefore I exist” and once you realise you exist the improbability of existence awaits your exploration.

I’m lucky to meet with some bright and intelligent people who approach life from very different directions and it amazes me how much we have in common in terms of the philosophical take on life. And these conversations help to realign and open doors to further my quest in the search of a more profound understanding of life through art. These interactions serve as life lesson number one, the positive influence.

I’m also subject to a harsh reality such as the recent burglary of my studio in which the tools I’ve worked so hard to buy were stolen. I can’t afford to replace them and can only accept this experience as life lesson number two.

Thanks for looking and have a great day ❤

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