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Affordable Authentic Art

March 1, 2016

Somewhere out there

As an artist I believe there is an implied responsibility to deliver something of significant value to society. It is an offering which should be accessible to all, regardless of circumstance. Though of course the individual has the right to accept or reject the offering, but at least they should have that privilege of inclusivity.

Classical Dilemma

As an artist I’ve always believed that art is for everyone, which is why I’ve always tried to make affordable and accessible art. I simply don’t believe in elitism in what is a fundamental deception to elevate certain tiers of society. If art speaks then it must be universal and speak to all, otherwise it becomes an esotreric language of the self satisfied back slapping sycophants.  Which is why I refuse to accept the sacred nature of art as a minority language for the elite.

Express yourself

It’s taken me thirty years to finally come up with my own solution to the dilemma which we as artists face, and it’s unexpected. Unexpected because I had dedicated my life to sculpture, only to find out that it didn’t offer the solution to my creative requirements. I’d become shackled by the process and my art was compromised by the time spent in editioning my work.

Don't notice me

So my challenge was to make authentic art which was affordable and to do this I had to ignore everything other than my deepest desire to create. To make anything that I felt I wanted to, regardless of any wider practicality, I also needed to employ any technique which could assist my purpose. So I returned to my sketch books and spent five years drawing, writing and swearing in the hope that I could find and rescue myself.

Red Baloon 1

You know what? I did find myself, I also found a truth in art that is so deeply touching and that is what I share with my art. To do this I’ve had to endure hardship because my art had to be made as art and not a product to impress. It’s only now that I’m able to offer this work in the form of prints, prints which are in fact the authentic realisation of my new proces.

The sacrifice for freedom

I’ve chosen Giclee prints as the media for my work because they offer a quality, colour and freedom which feels limitless and it’s a bonus that they are affordable to anyone. Real art at an affordable price, the stuff of dreams in my own life as a “proud to be poor” man. 🙂

Bull Rider

As an artist I feel I have a duty to explain my work and the techniques I use to explore my creativity. In particular I would like to describe why my prints offer an authenticity which I feel is interesting and relates to the here and now. These works all start out as a basic concept drawn out with pencil in my sketch book, the kernel of an idea from within. And from here each piece goes off on an adventure, both in and out of the virtual world. At the end of the journey each finished piece only exists in the virtual domain as a digital file, its existence in the real world depending on the giclee printing process. Because of this the print is the art work and that is the beauty of the process.

Companionship has many Colours

This creative process allows me a tremendous amount of freedom to realise ideas that extend beyond my imagination and take me on one hell of an adventure. It is a multi disciplinary process without singular specificity and so it can go anywhere and the more unexpected the better, because I need shaking out of my complacency, from time to time. Art can be so beautiful and expansive in all its ugliness, if you can find the freedom to just let go. Eventually there is no point of reference as the boundaries disappear and freedom beckons.

Just an Illusion

And here is the good thing for me 🙂 I can now offer my authentic art as prints in editions of  fifty and in different sizes from A6 to A1. My only problem is that with thousands of images to choose from it’s becoming a logistical nightmare. However I will find my way through the chaos and start to offer my art in the commercial environment very soon and at very affordable prices too.

Thanks for looking ❤

  1. Fantastic! Wonderful! Sacred…

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  2. I have some selections filed. Please let me know what the price will be and thank you!

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  3. Wonderful Eoghan. It does seem to be a brilliant solution for you, I’m so pleased to hear that this is where you’ve landed. Funnily enough, it’s mine too! I’m using Etsy as an outlet but I would love to know if you find a better way of selling online. I thought about the limited edition thing, but rejected it, as a friend pointed out that in the digital age it doesn’t mean what it did (when editions were actual things off printing presses…). But I wonder if it is important to limit editions. I’m against it in principle but I know that it means that people feel they have something ‘exclusive’. Annoying but I think true!

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    • Hi Tamsin, I think it’s the solution which will give me the freedom I need so that I can make what I feel is right. I think I’ll set up a wordpress website to sell my prints, I don’t really need to sell that many to survive and I can link it to my blog and other social media stuff. I know what you mean about editions, it’s all a bit crazy, but on a selfish level I’d rather have editions so that I can keep moving on to new ones. I also think that it’s nice for people to have special copies particularly if anyone can afford them. The truth is that anyone can print them out now, but I think it’s nice to have one authenticated signed and finished by the artist. :)))


  4. Yes, I agree. I do sign mine. Perhaps I should limit them! Good luck with it.

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