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The Visceral Art of Exprssion

March 14, 2016


For the artist there are many challenges which you can choose to accept or ignore.  Challenges which delve deeply into the human phsyche on many levels, from the intellectual to the metaphysical and beyond, it’s a veritable feast of possibility and opportunity. From this feast there is never a single option, because there is choice which gives the chance to dance to your own tune.

What happens when we find what we're looking for

The way I see it, is that ultimately you are alone on this journey, because of the personal nature of artistic expression, which represents the personal nature of existence as a single entity. It’s about individuality and whilst we share much in common we are all different. Difference being the beauty and the trigger which fuels our search for self realisation, showing us the possibility of infinite configurations. So I don’t see individuality as a trivial obsession about ego or vanity but more the realisation of your own humanity through the creative process. The deeply connected and visceral process of true creativity beyond the confines of our social standing. In fact through this exploration I feel the connections to humanity and life becomes deeper and to me they feel more real and genuine.

Battle of Will

Personal discovery from the specific experience of my existence has educated and taught me that art is out there beyond my own perception yet within the grasp of the nature of my being. It’s also beyond imposed constraints, so no matter how much I tried to conform or find a place within the context of society it could never really happen with my art. It couldn’t happen because I don’t believe art can be constrained by systems and what is in fact, dogmatic imposition.

I Like Riding on my Horse

I still feel a sense of anger that I had to waste great swathes of my life to fit within a petty system, compromised by the simplistic constraints of a society which enforces finite thinking.  But waste it I did, as I tried to make my art fit within the expectations of a contrived system. And the only reason my integrity survived is because of something inside me which I don’t fully understand. A spirit so strong that I’m unable to ignore it, because when  I stray into the land of compliance the flame goes out and meaninglessness descends upon my soul.

Lost Soul

The problem was that to step out of line I needed provoking and this happened year after year untill it became unbearable to the point where I had no choice beyond saying “fuck it all, I’m doing it my way”. I just had to prove to myself that I was worthy and so when I touched upon interesting art, I realised that my contribution was as relevant as any others. I’ve always felt the systems in place for arists let me down as well as many others and through the growing hardship I endured I realised the futility of the apparatus in place for artists. In a way I felt over time that I could see through the facade  in which the mechanics of the art world were laid bare and it was no place for my art.

The Dimension Shifters

There was a stark choice in which I had to stop chasing and start to realise my own creative potential, regardless of implied societal expectation. And it was in this process of self realisation that art slowly changed before my eyes. I realised that there was no universal truth in which art could  be judged to be good, bad or even relevant. However there can be cabals of agreement and because of this there is always room for conspiratorial truth, which is how  art is actually defined. So when art is acknowledged and accepted into the canon it’s only by an agreement of proponents for the establishment. When in reality there are more possibilities which are denied and not even given a voice.


What I’m alluding to is that the matrix of society is an evolving fabrication, a web which is deemed sufficient to contain our aspirations and needs. A finite structure imposed on the infinite possibilities available to the human incarnation. But it can’t hold artists because art has no boundaries which is why it makes gentle anarchists out of people like me who would like to offer a contribution, but simply can’t comply with expectations, or fit within systems.

May Peace be with you

When I lost my belief in the system I realised that art existed beyond the confines of the establishment and that success was not in fact about recognition but instead a self realisation of truth. To the point where you have to redefine the meaning of art from your own perspective by exploring your ultimate freedom. And this art of truth comes from being absorbed to the point that art is the embodiment of what could be described as your soul. Your art being you and you being your art, like an inseperable alliance.

So Good to be Alive

I don’t speak too much about the depths of my own creativity, choosing to write about it instead, because it feels like a minority approach. I just feel that the world is currently dominated by the big, brash and loud, to the point where there is no place for subtlety and difference. A world of corporate global generality pacifying the majority, leaves little space for the intimacy of individuality. The art of the human scale which we can relate to and identify with, without the shock and awe, in your face and towering above you. After all the psychology of the big and brash is one of intimidation, with the know your place gestures that comes from the top of the hierarchy, woven seamlessly into the fabric of cultural ideology.

Sometimes it's complicated

Sometimes I feel like I live in a world in which true art feels like it’s dying a slow death at the mercy of those who dictate our direction and objectify all before them. With all the platitudes and positive talking everything up, like a huge serving of disingenuous fodder upon which we gorge ourselves. A world without candid truth in which we are overloaded with imagery and stuff to the point of being compromised. In your face, in your face through the screens which have penetrated our inner sanctuaries and agitated our souls.

The Water Hole

Art is not easy and reflects the thought process, so in order to produce profound visceral expressions, there must be a deep level of contemplative thinking. Time spent outwith the confines of productivity and this is so hard in this day and age. It’s hard because it can take years to evolve your thinking and understanding, something which is seldom understood in our agitated society.


I love writing this blog and expressing my thoughts, it’s become like a barometer measuring how freely I can express myself, it also relates to my art in a very powerful way (for me). So between my drawing writing and sculpture I’m able to move forward as an artist and evolve to a point that I once only dreamed about. I think our freedom is so important and in understanding ourselves there are so many answers to todays concerns.

Thanks for looking ❤


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