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Freedom Through Art

March 17, 2016


Bovine 1I believe that art is delivering more of the freedoms I’ve always searched for, but it’s not been an easy task. Even though the essenece of creativity is quite simple and defined by the marks we make as artists, there is a huge and complex web of influence. If art was just the simple act of pretty pictures and ego then it would be easy, but the truth is that significant art needs significant input.

Feelin the Blues

I find it hard to quantify and reduce art to a basic premise on a conceptual level because of the infinite possibilities available to what is an ever evolving feast of creativity. Even as a single artist ones mind is expanded to the point of pain with the pure weight and diversity of analysis that creativity requires. It’s not just about an external understanding of the world you live but also the internal aspects of existence. And all this has to be achieved while as an artist you are cast into the commercial world and subjected too the crass vulgarity of the art market.

Les Demoiselles d'Selby

Yes the problems that occur in the creation of art are huge, as intent is influenced by past precedent, socialisation and expectations, not to mention the practicalities of money, credibility and demand. Life is just so busy that finding the time and space to connect with who and what you are on a basic level of human existence is almost impossible. At best you can touch upon it before being torn away by the demands of an unsympathetic society.

The intensity of realisatio 1

As an artist I feel you need to be a soul survivor as well as a soul connector even though this is not clearly tangible on a conceptual level. It’s because of this that I need to make art without the constraints and distractions of societal expectation. To exist in the moment of personal creativity without a need to conform with the complex web of history that is as meaningfull as it is meaningless in the moment. In fact art doesn’t need to react or connect with any influence, style or constraint because art can just be an expression of freedom in the moment.

In Pastel Dreams

Art can be anything and we are all artists by default of our human possibility, I can create therefore I am. But being an artist comes down to a choice, just one of the many choices we make whilst battling to find ourselves in the intimidating societal environment. And it’s because of my belief in human potential that I’ve found my own path to freedom away from the pressures of a judgmental society which I feel restricts the possibilities of our existence.


You see life is complex on every level and inconvenient too, yet we are pressurised into simplistic solutions of convenience. The imposition of boundaries which maintain a status quo simply because it’s there. And when you analyse the circumstance of society to the core principles you see a world of objectivity and desire, a simple structure, dominated by male characteristics, which maintains hierarchy.


Existing in this cultural legacy as an artist is further complicated by the fact that art plays a significant role as it offers objects of desire that can be fought over and bragged about in society. Art used for the vanity of the elite, art used as a status symbol, art used as a political pawn to further the ambition of states. You see in our hierarchy the rich and successful have beautiful cars, beautiful women, beautiful houses, beautiful art and beautiful everything. And we are all supposed to aspire to thes values, this objectification, to work hard and be rewarded on a material level,so that we can be led towards vacuous and unchallenging lives of compliance.

Freaky Friday 1

My life as an artist has been a challenge because I was never satisfied by aquisition, I don’t need false status and material wealth to realise my purpose. No, all I need is to feel free and unburdened so that I can touch on something which feels significant to what I feel within.

Pretty in Pink

It’s only now that I’m realising that as an artist I have no duty to anyone, but instead I have a creative responsibility to honour the sacred nature of art. Because of this my priority is to freely create by whatever method I come across, regardless of the consequences and reactions.

Have a beautiful day ❤

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