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The Art of Exploration

March 18, 2016

Sometimes I feel a duty to explain some of the thinking behind my imagery, particularly when it veers into myterious realms. I think we all see the world slightly differently and I fear if my imagery is taken too literally that it will lose its impact as a metaphorical representation for a state of being.


After five years of drawing and exploring my creativity I’m now able to further develop some of the resulting imagery.  It’s quite fascinating to just push the drawings around and see what I can squeeze out of them. Working with relative freedom and an open mind in terms of a more intuitive approach. Though it always comes down to the decision making process of whether it works or not on a visual level.

an external expression of inner turmoil 1

The resulting work is not some literal satement but more of a metaphorical gesture or feeling. These images arrive out of an intense immersion in the moment and only afterwards can I reflect on what the meaning may or may not be. But the process is one of an open exploration in the search of creating beyond contrivance. A search for something new and unexpected that will add something new to the creative output.

Sporting Chance

Existence is an incredible state, full of challenge and possibility and when you explore creativity it’s absolutely mind blowing. There are just so many permutations with each aspect of the process and in finding a way forward it can only really be a token gesture in one direction. So through my art I wish to explore a breadth of possibilities, even those that I am as yet unaware of.

Me and My Cat

Though I think it would be impossible to explore the full breadth of creative possibility, so it comes down to selective decision making. From my own  experience I’ve found that following the possibilities of a single idea can be mind boggling. So I satisfy myself by marking out an idea and moving on to another in what is becoming gestural art. Gestural art being in keeping with an approach that has no certainty, tempered by a reality in which there are no absolutes beyond assumption.

The extraordinary actuality of the moment.jpg

I neither set out with the intention of making my at beautiful or ugly but instead look to make thoughtfully constructed imagery. Whether art is popular or not is a point of significance in the new “like” environment of social media. But for me art is not about beauty or ugliness, nor good or bad, instead it’s a statement . And I believe that art needs to be looked at in a non judgmental light, so that it can be understood much better. With this in mind I try to make interesting imagery that is thought provoking and real.


Thanks for looking and have a beautiful day ❤

  1. Janet R. permalink

    I miss interacting with you on Facebook, but I enjoy every single one of your blogs. Happy Spring! Hope life is good for you these days. 🙂


    • Hi Janet and thanks 🙂 I’m hoping to return to FB soon, its just been a bit complicated with my art and trying to turn my fortunes around. I hope life is treating you well too 🙂


      • Janet R. permalink

        Yes, staying housed and clothed and keeping the electricity on all take a toll sometimes. 🙂 But I am glad you are still making art in spite of it all. I am getting ready to move in a few weeks and that’s always hectic, but all is well. Bye for now… JR

        Liked by 1 person

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