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Art, it Changes Everything

March 20, 2016


196Art has a habit of pulling the rug from under me, particularly when I think I’ve got a handle on what it actually is. And I’m grateful to these life lessons because they nip conceit in the bud and remind me of my limitations.


All I think I know is that art is an ever-changing phenomenon  reflecting the ephemerality  of existence. And that art simply isn’t destined to be caught and defined because to do so would require the possible conceit of an assumed wisdom. I did once think that I knew what art was until my mind was opened up by the practice of my own creativity. Now all I think I know is that art is a broad and flexible term, open to debate and interpretation.

Sure is Funky

Although there can be a generalised consensus on what art is, there is also a difference to how each and everyone perceives. Time also plays a hand as everything becomes caught in its gentle breeze of changing circumstance. And so as an artist you learn to dance to the changing tunes of time and place

love life 1

I think the beauty of art lies in the mystery it delivers without ever resolving the simple clarification of human creativity. A question reflected in our extraordinary existence that we experience in our brief state of being. I think that the complexity of art is further exasperated by the hold society takes over it and  its enforcement of finite limitations. So it is that the artist must rebel against authority and institution in the search for freedom.

Arty Phucker rides again

To exist as an artist is an incredible experience, though it is complicated, or at least it is for me, because I’ve grown to realise that there can never be a true realisation beyond gestures. So art is not about an absolute satisfaction but instead a voyage of discovery in which consciousness can develop and maybe even a more acute awareness of being.

To each their own 1

I was a sculptor once, but I became trapped within the art world and faced the possibility of living out my life without ever truly expressing myself. So I changed my direction, for the moment I produce these prints as a freely expressive artist and just enjoy the newly found freedom. I still  produce a few sculptures and I have no idea what the future holds for me,  the fact is I don’t really care either.

Let Me Go

I believe like the woman in the picture above, that sometimes you have to reach out and break free to find what you’re looking for. To find that reason for being by following your intuitive calling in spite of the distractions.

This beautiful mystery

Thanks for looking and have a beautiful day ❤

  1. This was so well said Eoghan, I too believe that art is a process, a journey and it is different for each person. Your drawings are wonderful. All the best. Happy First Day of Spring to you.

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