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The Art of Inspiration

March 25, 2016


strung out in the cosmic vortexIt’s been four years since I started to write about art and I’m amazed how complex it is to actually articulate what the process entails. The sheer diversity and lateral complexity of a subject with no defined borders is mind-blowing and yet decisions must me made in order to produce work. Through writing I hope to touch upon the process of my own creative mindset and share what I feel is a rich experience for me. It is very much the writing of a singular mind with a strong bias and I make no great universal claims beyond my attachment to the cosmic whole. What I can say, is that through my writing, I’ve been able to make significant developments with my work,  allowing me to move forward at a more significant pace.

Sporting Chance

In the increasingly prescriptive western societies it’s becoming harder to touch the source of artistic inspiration and produce work without a contrived bias. These pressures are very much driven by the ideologies and fiscal values of a society of convenience. A hierarchical society which maintains a status quo because it exists and as always fears change. My issue is that I feel restricted and curtailed by such ideologies which govern our lives at the expense of authentic human values. It is in fact a huge problem with far-reaching ramifications that limits the experience of existence by restricting our diversity. And it also leaves art vulnerable to manipulation from those who wield power through their financial status, yes that would be the stinky rich people who oversee our existence from their detached existence. 🙂

Soul Sister

As an artist you can conform and contrive your art to fit within a system, but in doing so you may sacrifice the authenticity of your art. The one form of human creativity which should hold a torch so that we may delve into the abyss of our humanity and perhaps better understand ourselves. In one sense it’s almost impossible for artists not to conform for many reasons but the main two in my opinion are, the isolation it demands and the fiscal penalties it delivers. Another problem is finding a way to know thyself because even though you may think you’re free, there is a whole lot of self-deception out there, something which I know only too well following my years of self deconstruction. A period in which I’ve uncovered some of my own truths and delusions.

morning drawing resized

Art is of course a huge challenge for the general public and artists alike, for artists subversion is always present and for the ordinary people there is a confusion between the art they see and what they are told that art is. It’s complicated enough for practitioners to even understand what art is, because nothing is simple or clear-cut. The problem is that the ambiguous nature of art allows self-declared experts to impose values and meaning upon art. And so art becomes a pawn in society on both political and social levels, but what you must remember is that no one holds the key to any divine knowledge of art. Well I say no one holds the key but on reflection I should have said everyone holds the key, because that is nearer he truth as I see it. Art made for the people is the art of truth in which there is no conspiracy.


What I personally believe (at this moment in time) is that the systems in place influence our opinions and interpretation of art to fit within limited confines. So an agenda is set and we follow within the field of assumed knowledge, yes we have freedom to explore but there is a length to our chains. For instance in my own life I don’t want to be a contemporary artist or an urban artist, because I just want to express myself however I see fit and I see these fads, fashions and ism’s as a trivial distraction from the profundity of human expression. Labels of convenience to restrict the practice of creativity and impose parameters which stifle free expression. Yes, people will say you are free to do what you want and in one sense you are but as an artist you need to live and sometimes this forces you into compromise, because being an island isn’t sustainable.

Bad Ass Bull

Anyway, back to inspiration and the question of how to access it, particularly if your life is compromised. And again this is such a complicated area because inspiration can take many forms and can be made to suit many purposes, such is the extent of our socially engineered states of being. I’m tying myself in knots here  🙂 because the fact is that our values are so engrained by what are assumed values. Yet in my art I’m seeking fundamental truths which contradict the generalised model for human values which is forced upon us. So in my mind there is a fog of confusion surrounding inspiration and intuition because we are not encouraged to nurture this part of our humanity, we’re not encouraged because it’s an inconvenience that would undermine authority on many levels, because we would question more and look for change. Not to mention the impact on our economic model, a bizarre system in which we live out our lives, our needs being met through fiscal exchange


So inspiration is not only hard to find but also complicated and following it has serious implications because of where it might lead you, particularly if you embrace the more unconventional. This is where the leap of faith is necessary and the courage to front up, not only to the consequences in terms of art produced but also the response which the work solicits. For me this rebound effect of the reactions my work creates has always inhibited my art until now because of the deep insecurities I have, insecurities which I believe are the result of the humility I feel as being just another ordinary person. But there is a defiant quality within me which protects me from true submission and allows me to quietly evolve.


What finally drove me towards a deeper creative truth was an unbearable frustration that arose from being compromised, a desperation on realising that I may live out my entire life without realising my potential, through some kind of fear. That thought of living a life as a free artist in what would be a dereliction of duty just for a bit of popularity, was unthinkable. So I touched base allowed my intuition to kick in, found my inspiration and embraced uncertainty. Digging deep within my own psyche so that I may uncover my true self and produce ART.


So where has it got me, well firstly it’s driven me into absolute poverty, but in terms of human values, it’s brought me a richness that money can’t buy. On a spiritual level I’ve found a deeper wisdom through my awakening consciousness and produced work that is unexpectedly defining my oeuvre. It has also brought me a greater sense of humility in that I’m more aware of my limitations, just how much I don’t know or understand, let alone have answers for. And yes this is all relative to my own state of being which is all I have to guide me. But what I’m most proud of, is the authenticity of my art and how close I’m getting to being a true artist on a fundamental level, in my own eyes.

Have a beautiful day and thanks for looking 🙂


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