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The Art of Art

April 4, 2016

Fracked 1

All I ever wanted to be was an artist and to actually understand what art is without meaningless distraction. To make art without compromise and art without the prejudice of elitist ideologies. Art by the people for the people so that creativity can be celebrated without the nonsense and interference of the elite. Sounds pretty simple, I know, but in practice the complexity of creating imagery is infinite.


To realise my intent I’ve had to live an ordinary life in an ordinary place and really just be a part of the so-called normality of typical suburban life. What should have been the realisation of a simple truth has been a journey of utmost complexity and one in which I eventually became lost and entirely caught up within the web which holds so many people in bondage. Held by the mechanisms imposed upon us all, which ensure our compliance and maintain the social order within a hierarchy. Held by the pressures of expectation both internally and externally and by what I believe are misguided traditions and values imposed on art and artists by society.


Sometimes I fear that what I’m achieving as an artist may never be understood or recognised because of my unconventional approach of being conventional. Because in making art without any carefully constructed narrative or contrived context it seems that the establishment simply can’t understand the essence of raw human creativity. It would appear to me that within this over prescribed society of convenience that we are losing the ability to think for ourselves. Losing the courage to relate to real art in case it’s not accepted into the generality of our collective consciousness. That is without the endorsements of leadership people are unable to commit to the unknown, not only out of fear but also because of lack of understanding of self. Because of this, the diversity of art is compromised at the expense of our cultural potential.


If we are told how to think and shown what is appropriate we become compliant and obedient to the whim of the state and those in whose interest it is to maintain the status quo. It’s like Stockholm syndrome in which the population is held under the spell of the state, free to the point which is deemed safe. Through art I learned to question everything and I also found answers which allowed me to liberate myself and start my long journey towards freedom. But to do this I’ve had to all but drop out of society and live a frugal life of immense material struggle, in the sea of an affluent society. It’s a time when you discover who your friends are and endure the isolation, but it’s worth it because our truth is precious.

Funked Up

To achieve my feeling of freedom I had to endure a period of sensory deprivation and learn to ignore the noise and sights imposed on my life. To switch off my radio, television and phone, so that I couldn’t be bombarded by the endless noise of, news, music, film, advertising and all the potent indoctrination of state. To sit alone in my own metaphorical darkened room so that I may actually discover who I am outside of the noisy and distracted world. And if I was lucky I might just discover my own form of creative vocabulary free from the imposition of contrived wisdom. To exist as an artist free from bullying and liberated to the extent of producing imagery in which I whole-heartedly believe in.

Lets dance 1

As an artist I now dare to be different and do what the hell I please with my art, but it wasn’t always this way because I too suffered from the general malaise I referred to earlier. However I awoke from my slumber in the realisation that if I as a free artist was unable to be free then I wasn’t doing my duty as an artist and that my life would be a wasted  opportunity. In that sense I feel that the artist in society has a significant function in providing a window to the soul, it’s just unfortunate that an artist such as myself is constantly denied the platform in which to show art to the world. Though I realise that my message is slightly subversive and is all about awakening to a deeper level of consciousness. Questioning the essence of our existence and agitating the facade so that one can glimpse into the other realities of being. I believe my work differs from the general art trends with the growing fascination for style over substance, where by my search for substance compromises style.

Must be an angel 1

Why I speak of style over substance, is because in the modern trending of art, we see an evolution of styles and ism’s, which is just a way of redressing the same human creative urge. It ties in with the social and political changes, for fashion and commerce but in a sense it’s all just about reinventing the wheel again and again and again, giving a sense of accelerated evolution. And so, rapidly everything becomes last season when in fact I believe creativity is a timeless essence of humanity, though sadly I believe we’re all becoming caught up in a tidal wave and agitated into compliant thinking. A world of one size fits all and the bland generality of viral nonsense and the shared mediocrity of globalisation.A world in which ultimately we are controlled by the small screen which has become our true companion.

Sitting Cat

I feel  I know the score sufficiently to be able to subvert my cause for notoriety, but I refuse to do this because I feel that it would subvert my art. So I stay true in the hope that one day I will have the opportunity to share my work on a more significant scale and if I don’t it doesn’t matter, because I will make the art I need to in order to live a fulfilled life. And that  will not be by living as an artist who’s oeuvre is defined by the market or establishment trending, producing art chasing popularity. But by answering the call to be an artist and exploring the human truth in the intimacy of my own reality. In the scheme of things my material compromise is a small price to pay for the realisation of  my personal significance. Because in my own life I’ve only ever found substance through the exploration of creativity to the point of feeling a profound purpose.

standing figure

I feel there is a deep logic behind my approach to art but that my art is not about a logical or rational approach. Although my approach has a certain amount of logic, it is also layered with the complexity of existence and experience, all that I can grasp and express, thrown down as speculative gestures. Art without absolutes or strict narratives because my art is about exploring the freedom of the human soul. The art of a deeper connection which eludes strict definition and absolute understanding, in the shifting circumstance of an evolving life and consciousness.

That Bull

Thanks for Looking ❤ ❤ ❤

And have a beautiful day 🙂

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