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The Art of Transparency

April 27, 2016


Having used all the storage space of my old WordPress blog, I’ve decided to set up a new one, so that I can continue to share my life experience as an artist.  I’ve called it “theartofeoghanbridge” I’m not sure if there will be spaces between the words and it’s on WordPress.  I just feel after much soul searching, that there is more to art than the act of making art, as creativity challenges many artists to form a profound philosophical interpretation of life. Plus I now feel that it’s better to express and explore creativity in as broad a way as is possible, which for me now includes writing.


I believe that art should have a profound intent and offer something worthwhile and of value to society which is why I strive to maintain my integrity and create art based on the truth as I see it. And it is my hope that by continuing to write I will eventually be able to articulate with a candid freedom about all matters which arise through my endeavour. Just to say it like it is without fear and in so doing, I hope to free myself further from the restraints of societal limitation, so that I’m able to make art without compromise or fear. The art of the unshackled man 🙂


Through my blog I like to venture beyond the myths and stereotypes heaped upon the practice of art and expose the harsh reality in which artists such as myself struggle in the pursuit of earnest expression. To demonstrate that art is not just about the celebrated flamboyant gestures of Picasso and Dali, but also a heart-felt torment in the struggle to find the means to express ones self. That art can be a humble and subtle expression without style or fame, but steeped in substance in he exploration of deep feelings and intent. That art doesn’t have to be some grandiose gesture lauded over by the high and mighty for its sumptuous qualities, labelled masterpieces and fought over in the vulgarity of the pubic auctions. Because art can take many forms which is why I believe it’s imperative that societies take a broader approach to promote and understand the true essence of art and the purpose it holds for humanity and community. To find the value of art and the empowerment it can offer to people through an open engagement. Art redefined to reflect the growing consciousness of contemporary life, as humanity struggles to find an identity following the significant changes of circumstance.


As an artist I feel it’s imperative for me to share my work in this imperfect world in which there is systematic failure for the showcasing of art. In my particular case the system and institutions in Britain have let me down, time and time again and given me no opportunity to share my work beyond the confines of a very limited reach. Had I not the purpose and utmost determination I would have been broken by now and God knows I’ve been close. A life shackled by the dogmatism of a corrupt hierarchical structure in which truth and integrity are compromised to maintain the status quo. A life held in penury by the stupidity of an economic system which curtails the freedom of expression for ordinary people, all because I want to make authentic art. Art not confined by beauty and flattery and the escapist ideologies which pander to the system and it’s forced evolution. Art without the simplistic conceptual restraints of expectation because I feel art with an unexpected narrative is the source of my inspiration. Art which is true to my life and experience, art based on the truth of my perception and understanding of life and society. The art of uncertainty as a reflection of our shared reality, the art of mystery reflecting the reality of existence.  I dared to make art that was different and shunned the fashions of my time, bypassing the zeitgeist, the viral hook and all the incredulous phenomenon of the moment to realise my own timeless vision.


As a British artist I feel that I’ve at times been repressed by a nanny state in which conservatism is championed by a deceitful hierarchy, beautiful art for an ugly reality. A nation of two truths, from English respectability as with our tremendous pride in cricket and the Queensberry rules, verses the barbaric land grabbing and oppression for personal gain. The pride of empire at the expense of cultural decimation, held together by a patriotic sensibility, all masking an insidious oppression. Which is why when I consider the art I make, I look to explore the truth and it goes from ugly to beautiful, from understanding to mystery and from control to anarchy. But my art is not some simplistic exercise of being nice and saying what a wonderful world we inhabit. So I flirt with danger and destruction whilst also celebrating the intimate beauty of being. Art from a broad perspective in which I try to encompass the complex diversity of being, that gritty truth of an unprotected life in the midst of society. Art crafted to stir a reaction and provoke a thought which will cut through sensibility and expose a deeper human truth, art about awakening from the grip of society. Awakening so that the experience of life may touch more deeply on the intuitive nature of being, as opposed to being guided through the manipulation of society.

Gliding through a storm

I no longer feel tied to expectation or style and as such am free to explore art how I see fit, as I wrestle to overcome my many limitations. But I refuse to live out my life bathing in mediocrity, selling my integrity for the physical comforts society offers. Yes I could have been far more successful in terms of societal achievement if I’d compromised, but a life without truth feels like a lie and I’m unable to lie to myself and waste my life and potential. So I chose the success of my art, a life in search of innovation and originality in an acknowledgement of the unique gift of life we each hold. However the price you pay for being different is high, almost like a punishment which becomes a battle of wills. And sometimes you can suffer for years, a life of indescribable stress which makes you physically ill. Every day the financial pressure hanging over you as you try to realise your artistic possibility, unable to afford materials and with no emotional support for your efforts and beliefs. Your body and mind tied in knots, knowing full well that there is no solution or answers to your plight, beyond the work you produce. You just have to ride out the storm and hope that the next day will be kinder, even the next month and at the lowest level, you just live in hope that maybe next year things will be better. I find it hard to describe this embattled feeling as you cling on to a belief  that your work has great merit even though no one else supports this. Clinging on to the ideals and beauty of existence in the corrosive pit of society and so that your life doesn’t become embittered by adversity. So that you can make art without petty prejudice and truly live your life by exploring the possibilities of your existence. To live out a life in a society where there is no meritocracy and the term democracy is just a myth to pacify the masses. Art can be a savage master as it slowly unveils a truth, to souls such as myself, yet I still see my existence as a great gift and feel honoured and privileged to live a life as an artist.


As an artist I feel I’ve grown up stuck in the middle of a dichotomous society, dependent on the upper echelons of the community, with a reality which puts me economically at the bottom of the hierarchy. Caught in a world that places expectations upon the unexpected nature of creativity and places the survival of artists at the mercy of the establishment.  A system which subordinates artists and indirectly directs their direction. And so I have a problem that I cannot reconcile, because I need to live a life of integrity in a system which doesn’t reward it and that is not easy. A life spent exhibiting cherry picked work in galleries that ironically I myself could not afford to buy from. A life of utter contradiction in which the truths are avoided through the beautification or controlled radicalization of art, as escapist romantic nonsense, when in fact our reality is a broad experience of adversity. So I live a life in which the breadth of my voice as an artist is silenced, unable to share my work and ideas candidly because of the conservatism of the art world. Almost afraid to admit the truth of who I am and why I make art, because of the inconvenience. Quite simply I have no desire to conveniently slot into the lineage of the art world, a lineage contrived for convenience as a vital pillar for society. And the longer I have to exist in the margins the more radicalized I become as a free thinking artist.

There is a lot of good  but there is also a lot wrong with my society and yet I feel we are held by a misguided sense of patriotism and if we dare to question we are seen as disloyal. But from my twisted experience as a struggling artist in Britain, I feel there has been very little support and so I’ve grown quite critical. A nation which I think fails its people on so many levels through the dogmatic  approach of the establishment in who’s interest it is to keep us from evolving both spiritually and intellectually. An educational system based on a simplistic approach to life of telling, steering the masses away from the breadth of human potential to the confines of societal usefulness and conformity. It seems crazy but we sacrifice the greatest human resources of consciousness, freedom and creativity for the maintenance of a system and social order. To maintain a hierarchy only because it exists and because it’s convenient to uphold an establishment no matter how corrupt it is. What about community and compassion, inclusivity and sharing, what about equality and the welfare of humanity and environment.

So whilst my reality is a desperate struggle to survive on a material level it is also a source of inspiration because it allows me to see the world from a very basic level, without any preferential treatment. So I see what lies beneath and because of this my art is a whole lot more profound than a celebration of material comfort in a wonderful society. Because of my material instability I live on an edge which sharpens my focus and thinking and it allows me to question everything and take nothing on face value. So I make the art of a common man, aimed at being understood by anyone, because the world has forgotten that art is not for the elite. It may have been once but if the whole of society is to progress it can only be through the empowerment of the entire population and so art must relinquish elitism. Art liberated from the elite and made fit for all the people so that democracy and meritocracy can exist throughout society with substance. Only then can we dream of transparency and a single truth running throughout society. Surely nations existing without secrecy should be a realistic outcome of  evolution and democracy, something which is almost unimaginable under present conditions. Or is the notion of civilization a myth as nations battle each other for the spoils.

I for my sins am a second generation artist and my whole life has been immersed in art. I have heard so many conversations and witnessed so much of the art world from behind the scenes that it has influenced my thinking. And eventually it turned me away from the system and the ego based rhetoric of artists who spend so much time debating within the confines of the art world, because I felt it created a detachment from the ordinary state of being. I believe there is much pretence in the art world and that it’s been hijacked by certain elements of society, used as a pawn in what is nothing less than a game. And in a sense artists are forced to become complicit in conforming to expectation, simply because there is little alternative unless you wish to experience hardship. I unwittingly chose the red pill so that I could live out my life in a bullshit free zone, free from all that I felt would restrain my search. Though I must qualify my words here by saying that it’s not for me to pass judgement upon the choice of others, because there is no right way round in how I see life. And all I write is based on my singular opinion as I struggle to find myself as an artist

And so in a brief summary of my art and life I feel I have at least achieved a level of clarification which loosely pins my life together as a coherent whole. A life in which I always felt a little different and detached from my peers, because I felt compelled to seek a more penetrating understanding of my existence and circumstance. A deeper and true connection based on some kind of substance that felt tangible. Though now I realise that in life we can’t truly hold on to anything because of the ephemeral nature of life itself. As a younger man I didn’t want to be bowled over with information overload but instead wanted to experience life and acquire an empirical wisdom based on my own truth. And for a long time I just lived a simple life and made art which reflected my inner truth through an intuitive calling. I didn’t need to question myself to destruction or even understand the wider implications of why I made the work I did. So it was only later in life that my world fell apart in as much as I felt caught between two realities and that my soul purpose had become compromised.

Now I feel I’m starting to understand my work and its purpose, the dissonance and the vibration leading to division. A slight awkwardness, the harmony of calamity and also the beauty of simplicity all coming together to create a whole which does one thing. And that one thing is to raise a question, an invitation to look beyond the surface and contemplate what lies beneath. That asks you how you feel about yourself in the adversity of society. A question focused on awakening and in that sense my work tells or shows nothing beyond a way of seeing for yourself. To maybe stop you in your tracks momentarily through the unexpected, so that you may consider how you feel inside beyond the confines of society. And perhaps my work has a depth and I would hope that there is a reassurance from my professionalism and dedication to integrity which allows the required level of trust. You see I have no great wisdom or vision to offer beyond a modest insight into life from the perspective of a questioning soul engaged in a search for a personal truth through art. As can be seen with my writing, I feel that I’ve nothing to hide and my art is equally transparent. And if there is a deeply hidden meaning I’m not aware of it beyond my acknowledgment of life’s great mystery

So thats it 😦 my blog space all used up, not even any room for all the images I wished to share, I do hope that some people will jump across to my new blog. “theartofeoghanbridge” But for those that don’t goodbye and thanks for everything.

❤ ❤ ❤

  1. every end is a new beggining 🙂

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  2. Janet R. permalink

    This is wonderful news, and I always love starting something new. I guess that’s why I am moving to another part of Colorado soon. I’ll sign up for the new blog. Best wishes and just keep making art. 🙂

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    • Janet R. permalink

      And you know that writing is one of the best forms of therapy and emotional cleansing known to human kind. Keep going….

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Janet and good luck 🙂


      • Janet R. permalink

        Hi, Magda and I can’t find your new blog. Can you post the link here or something like that? Take care and good luck to you as well.


      • Janet R. permalink

        Well ignore the comment above. I see you sent a link. :))


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