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Everything Is Interesting

August 12, 2016

As an artist I question everything to death including myself, I simply can’t help it. So when I write I just share my thoughts of the moment, reflecting the process of my creativity. Why who knows, tomorrow I may feel completely different, I may have changed or grown from todays experiences. And if it’s been a bruising day I may have even diminished somewhat by retreating into an established zone of comfort. Life is like that for me, a life in which nothing is set in stone. Because art has taught me through its uncompromising brutality, where an expression is exposed as the some of its parts. It tells the truth of intent and demonstrates the who, the what and the why of self. So I edge my way through life with the companionship of the relentless thoughts over flowing in my mind, questions without answers and the myriad of reactive responses to my sensory experiences. All of which make up the complicated equations of my expressed gestures, gestures which more often than not lead to profound disappointments. Disappointments which force me to go back and try again, to try harder the next time so I may get it right and be released from the spell of intense turmoil, which life has cast upon me.


Yes this artists life has taught me many things, such as how little I know and how my own significance is at the same time utterly insignificant in he broader context of infinite infinity. One important lesson to date from my creative pursuits has been that of learning to momentarily ignore everything so that I may feel and experience my own existence. The time to quietly contemplate my own sentient experience without the need to articulate or explain my state within the narrow parameters of language and tradition. In fact to just be, without any other needs what so ever, as a self-contained entity, thinking laterally beyond language and narrative

Though I must say that living in this time, our time, where meaninglessness seems to proliferate,  we are subject to an unparalleled level of distraction from the core of our existence. As capitalism delivers escapist and sentimental ideologies through a strange and curious form of cultural imperialism. A world in which we celebrate the glamour of cultural icons, delivering messages of unreality that we may aspire to. And I wonder if there could be a greater purpose in life than aspiring  to being cool and awesome 🙂 . Paid up members, buying the merchandise as a ticket to ride in the big time. Of course I have no answers, only reactions to the broader circumstances which influence and permeate my consciousness. And so I don’t look to change anything with my art, but I do try to explore an alternative narrative. A different way of being within the huge global system, in which I may at least open a few eyes through my attempts at sincerity.

Through my involvement in the art world I’ve grown aware of values imposed through capitalism which I feel undermine the fundamental values of our origins. And whilst it may appear to be progress on a technological level there is another side (well there are many sides) to the story which could be characterised by the concept of Disneyfication, in which the raw truth of reality is sacrificed for a more shallow platitudinal sentiment. A sanitized vision in which the simplification of human complexity offers the reassurance of understanding our condition. Where the complexity of the randomly asymmetric charm of life is replaced by a formulaic simplification. I see it as the dumbing down of humanity into a benign mass of (virally) imprisoned souls. The disempowered masses forced into obedience through a fundamental dissociation from the complex core values which make us question motive and purpose.


Sometimes I even feel the art world has all but sold out to the values of capitalism and instead of art leading through cultural inspiration, it merely follows with the waves of fashion designed to refresh the scene. And in one sense this is fine, because through obedience and compliance you can live happily as a consumer and purveyor of culture, with a little soulful sacrifice. The only problem is that when you look a little deeper you become aware of the simplicity which global generality imposes upon us all. That’s we the complex human characters so full of potential, being diluted for the convenience of questionable ideologies. Making humanity an unfulfilled  landscape of broken dreams. And I feel trapped in this landscape, fighting against the tide which is sweeping me towards a benign state of being, as I try to piece my own broken dreams back together.

Art is like a tonic for me and can be beautiful for the soul because it gives you the opportunity to explore what is and what could be. Because art can access and permeate life through its fundamental philosophical nature. Art has no boundaries and stands before us as a provocation in which we are empowered to react and invited to feel a response. You see art is without rules and stands as a beacon of anarchy and freedom, the wild side that is within us all. I myself also enjoy reacting to art and am often fascinated by artists and institutions putting anything in art galleries and calling it art. Because I find it profoundly significant if only it tells us that everything is interesting. Or at least it is for me because what being an artist has taught me is just that. That everything is indeed, most interesting in a world which is also amazing, for complex beasts such as ourselves to explore. And here is the crux of my point about life and art, that from the stillness of being we can appreciate everything because everything is amazing. And to realise this all you need to do is pick something up or just observe what is near, mind-blowing isn’t it. Well I think so, to the point where I believe that everything is art, such as a leaf being an expression of nature or a mini vortex suspending debris momentarily in the air.


It’s only recently that I’ve started to comprehend the archetypal struggles of being an artist and how complicated it is to set yourself free.  But this journey is a right of passage and finding freedom is the reward, empowerment through creative emancipation. And so exploring my truth by questioning the truths imposed upon me in the arena of society has had a positive outcome. I guess my agitated soul made me question absolutely everything in search of the authenticity and truth which leads to meaningfulness. Something which makes my life feel real and present with a true connection to a soulful purpose. Empowering  me to present what I feel is genuine art to my society, art which is full of meaning and relevance to the reality of my existence. Because I see life as am immersive experiential placement, with a reality defined through sensory perception. Life as an act of devotion to the gift of life itself in which respect overrules compromise and dilution. An existence which I feel should override the linear imposition of societal dogma so that we may discover our truth and freedom. The timeless nature of this existence so full of mystery and secrets, best described as an unquantifiable  phenomenon.


Returning to the title of this blog entry “everything is interesting”, I recently found myself behind a camera and on looking through the lens was taken by how interesting everything in this magical world appeared to be. It was one of those moments when I felt able to accept and react to whatever I saw in a detached way, and so I focused on a piece of litter, a leaf and a piece of concrete. I realised that each of these objects had their own qualities and reasons for existence, their own texture,  own way of absorbing/reflecting light and also their own hidden microscopic truths. In fact everything is layered with meaning and history, all connected into the huge whole that is. Is being everything that we perceive as well as all that which we are incapable of perceiving. Yes I was on holiday ) and being by the sea and in the rain I also thought about how interesting water is. How it can exist as a droplet, a puddle, a snowflake, a piece of ice, an ice sculpture, an ocean, steam or even a stain. And it struck me that out of simple elemental possibility there is infinite possibility, which is really what my art is about. Such as can be seen with my exploration of equestrian composition, the simple combination of the human and the horse, explored without boundaries. So as an artist one is able to start with a single expression and through time slowly weave out a rich tapestry from the centre in every direction, with infinite permutations.

As an artist one is faced with the enormity of the blank canvas, able to reject or accept anything, and even head out on utterly random paths, simply because everything is interesting. So in the practice of art, an artist can be faced with the enormity of knowing, that infinite possibility awaits a process of selection which feels right in the moment. But deep down there is also the understanding that there is no single solution and that a decision is no more than a marker in time. A marker which will no doubt be subject to the future scrutiny of an evolving state of being as well as the changing mood of moment as we re-invent and evolve through time. Because of this I feel that there can never be any lasting satisfaction without complacency, which is why art becomes so compelling for a truly committed artist.


Now in the reality of my present I find myself locked in a struggle to express myself without the distraction of an end product and without a care for how my work is received. Because I’ve realised that art must be a free expression and need not be affiliated with any other practice or tradition, particularly if it is imposed upon with negative distractions. And the consequences of my ideological struggles is that I will finally be establishing my own website through which I will be able to show the work of my choice and even offer it for sale. How this will affect my work I do not know, but I’m sure as hell excited by the prospect.

In the past I’ve been frustrated that much of my life has been detached from its purpose and I’ve got nowhere near my latent potential, something I apportion to the compromise society imposes. And something which I assume full responsibility for, because I didn’t awaken to my own responsibilities. The problem I feel is that art requires the gentle sensitivities of the human soul to be able to explore and understand without disturbing the fabric. To be immersed and experience the realities so that there may be a reactive expression through art, the cause and effect of creativity. However this vulnerability, the very strength of an artist can become the flaw through which society entraps the free spirit. But it’s the responsibility for the artist to ride through the storms of experience and find their own path and reasons to create, through a cocktail of reactionary instinct and soulful purpose.

However it is this very feeling of inadequacy and under achievement which fuels my determination to keep going in the hope that one day I will truly exist within my own moment and attain a level of potential that will satisfy my soul. You see, it’s not easy being an artist 🙂 . Which I hope is expressed through my blogs, which have become an inclusive element of my art, an expression from the moment, encompassing my creative thoughts. And so when you read one of my blogs I would hope that it gives a level of insight into the cognitive and spiritual content of my endeavours as a visual artist. And the struggles I encounter on the long road to freedom.

PS- I deleted some earlier images to make space for this blog on my rather full blog page 🙂

  Thank you for looking and have a beautiful day ❤


  1. Another thought provoking blog – lovely to read – completely resonates. I am an artist that also runs a personal development business called curious minds consulting – I believe staying curious is an essential ingredient to embrace life with all its wonder and difficulties. Whether I am making work or running personal development course – I have to be very strict with myself to know what to leave out because as you say everything is interesting and deserves some attention.

    I could write longer as a response to your thoughts in this blog – however just to say you are not a lone soul I am sure there are many of us that your thoughts touch


    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Tracey and thanks for your positive and reassuring comment 🙂 the connectivity here in the virtual world is a blessing 🙂


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