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The Art of Transition

August 20, 2016


851Since I took leave of my common senses and freed myself from the clutches of a society which held me in the arms of discomfort, I’ve found my own way of being. A way of being which encompasses the philosophical, intellectual  and spiritual aspects of my intuitive creative drive. To the point that I’m now able to grow and evolve as an artist, (a little bit more) free from the constraints and imposition of societal expectation. I now feel less burdened and able to think with the freedom my existence demands of me. It’s like I’ve found my own clearing where I can at last breath fresh air once again and pursue what I feel is important. That is the understanding of aloneness as part of the human condition and togetherness too, and how these states of being correlate through interaction and how they connect. Because everything works together in a most peculiar way to make the whole, of which we are all constituent parts.

The issues I have is that art opened my eyes to a point where I saw two truths, firstly the common sense truth of society in which we jump through the hoops set out for us, by following established protocols and traditions. Rules and regulations of generalised formality which we are conditioned into following, rules which hold us in their grip for no great reason beyond social control. And secondly I became aware of my own intuitive truth, how I felt inside at the complexity of my own existence, a deep reality in which there are no rules or parameters to my possibilities. Just the vast chasm of infinite possibility waiting to be entered and explored so that I may discover something new.


I remember once feeling a level of shame at my inability to understand and obey rules but there was simply nothing I could do about it which is why I turned my back on institutions and opted for the life of an outsider. During my time at college and the few occasions which I worked for and with others, I always felt compromised like a prisoner and restricted by my environment. Which is why I seek the freedom art offers to my delicate soul, and because (in my opinion) art is a dish best served without compromise.

Throughout my life I recall countless conversations and meetings in which my values clashed with those whom I was interacting with, simply because the authentic nature of art cannot be shaped into  a state of convenience. And my thinking had been governed by my dedication to the pursuit of a thought process looking into an uncompromised approach to art. It’s not about being right or wrong either it’s simply about the difference of approach which life offers us, different ways of seeing and interpreting the same scenario. So I tried to avoid confrontations which had no way of being resolved through the different ways of seeing and I only showed a certain aspect of my art in the belief that I had to lead a compromised existence in order to exist on a material level. This was partly down to the pressure to survive and also a fear of being exposed. But it impacted upon my art and slowly it started to limit my process and effectively repressed my art and my state of being, which is why I pursue my re-engagement with art with such tenacity.


Even from the margins, a dichotomous life of two truths evolved from the constant dissatisfaction which occurred through the marketing of my art in the commercial world. Because my truth was always compromised for the convenience of a system in which the collectors and patrons are prioritized over the artist, through the watchful eyes of the dealers who become the judge and jury of acceptable art. You see art isn’t some commodity of convenience with a guaranteed outcome and there is an inherent risk to the unpredictable act of the truth which creativity invites. Because of this risk  artists are encouraged and groomed into producing what is in fact anti-art, signature art in a style, aimed at satisfying the simplistic predictability of a market. Objet d’art for a vast and elitist commodities market in what is often a show of vanity through the bragging rights of acquisition and distorted price tags. A world in which the truth of art and it’s purpose becomes lost in diluted conversations of taste. When in fact art has nothing to do with taste and what would look nice in a nice house.

In effect artists are pitted against each other by the hierarchical structures of the art world, through the various competitions and market place pecking orders, in what is nothing more than a distraction from the fundamental notions and impulses which inspire art. For we must remember that the interpretation of art is subjective and cannot be quantified by a simplistic criteria of assessment. So we have to remember that art is a human expression, a communication to society from the perspective of an equal who cares deeply enough to share their thoughts. And yet art is packaged by society with scant regard for its true value, because we are blinded by our conditioning. So we are encouraged to objectify art with economic values and blindly follow the industry shakers and the market stock, which makes art more symbolic as opposed to offering the intrinsic values of equality. Thus making artistic expression complicated for artists, because there is a conflict of values and interests, which affect the production of art and the ways of seeing art. In effect the myth makers triumph with the weight of the establishments backing, because through suggestion we all fall into line.


The whole point of my blogging and personal journey as an artist is to become one with my thoughts and creative output, so that I may understand my life better and offer something of value to the mix. To feel a level of self-realisation and spiritual freedom, so that I may enter a state in which I can think with clarity and create with a purity of intent. Just thinking without the structures, parameters and ideologies of conformist societal imposition feels like a liberation. And so as an artist I try to explore whatever I desire in whatever way I choose, further more I can share it freely without worrying how it’s received. Feeling alone enough for autonomy yet connected enough to be relevant in my own mind, because we are all fundamentally alone in our togetherness.

As I’ve become more liberated from the clutches of society, I’ve lost my  ambition and expectation because I’ve started to live out my truth. Effectively no longer in the rat race, having left the competition, because of the realisation of my own truth. Once out of the arena of competition  you can just relax and explore a singular truth. A truth in which you can’t be better or worse than any other individual because we are all different. So you enter the moment by which you follow your intuition and impulse and in my own case start to live a satisfactory life, exploring a purpose without distraction. No longer cajoled by society, or governed by expectations beyond my capabilities.

Once empowered by autonomy, ways of seeing alter and perspectives change from the compromised collective vision to a singular vision, as you start to make sense of the world you experience. And for me this is the real beauty of making art, the liberation of self in which your journey is recorded through an oeuvre and you’re even able to share it. It’s really about the empowerment it gives you to explore and understand the fundamentals of the human condition and realise a deeper philosophical understanding of existence, as a life-long scholar. And for me art is that profound and one of the deepest ways of penetrating the human soul and understanding the profound nature of actuality. The cosmic secrets which lay within our entirety, beyond the grasp of societies rules and regulations. You see art is about flying into the realms of impossibility and exploring the freedom of the soul, so that you may take comfort in understanding your being.


The actuality of life is virtually impossible through the chance nature by which we come into existence, improbable yet inevitable and our survival and experience is the culmination of chances beyond mathematical prediction. But we must take this for granted and become the proud owners of our life, something so complex and magical that it would be a sin not to celebrate and explore it. To be open to the wonderous nature of our brief occupation and to be able to express ourselves with openness, so that we become liberated from fear and judgment. This way we get the chance to realise our human potential without the constraints and restrictive practice of socially engineered imposition. That by understanding acute aloneness, what it is to exist in the singularity of our own being, we may in fact feel a greater level of connectedness, simply because there is nothing to hide behind. No barriers or fears through which we may feel vulnerable.


From the position I’ve ended up in, out-with the mainstream of society I now feel able to comfortably explore the circumstance of my own existence and connect to my own sentient perceptions. To trust my feelings and impulses, which I may record through my work or maybe just contemplate. It’s almost like a stripped down life in which I try to avoid the copious details of societal dogma, so that enough of my mind is free. You see as I’ve liberated myself from the clutches of society I’ve felt lighter as I cast away my burdens and I no longer feel imprisoned by these expectations. Neither do I feel compelled to have opinions about matters which really don’t concern my conscious state. Because my identity no longer rests upon what are the transitory opinions of the moment.

I’ve always believed that the gift of life is quite beautiful and that inside of us all we must feel that beauty of existence, as we breathe the oxygen from the air, hydrate our bodies with water  and awaken each day to the light of the sun. You see on this level there is an utter simplicity in which we can truly appreciate our brief existence. A life stripped bare in which you realise that what lays beyond the requisite  essentials of survival needs to be put into perspective. Though somehow this all seems to become lost with the overwhelming burden of stuff society imposes. And our beauty is often corrupted by the imposition of divisive dogma, be it hierarchy, ownership, confrontation, competition, survival of the fittest, corruption, exploitation, greed, war, famine and destruction. And when you analyse the reasoning behind the structures and protocols of society you discover the logic and common sense of maintaining systems through social engineering. A civilization of people distracted from their mysteriously organic states of being held firmly in the grip of society. And so we become estranged and forced into the rat race, because we have no choice, corrupted against our will, even if we disagree with codes of practice. A state of being in which it’s hard to find true satisfaction or a clear conscience because of the methodology of competition. Be it victory at the expense of a loser or profit at the expense of exploitation, because there is a hollowness if you have to establish your status at the expense of others. As an artist I’ve grown to realise that equality means everything to me and through equality I’ve found a key ingredient to my inner peace. Because I no longer feel driven or intimidated by the efforts of others, as I happily explore my own contributions to art.

And so as an artist I feel comforted by the inner beauty of my soul and whatever life throws at me because I know deep inside that I’m connected to something beyond. That which I experience when I stand with my feet rooted to the ground, gazing into the infinity above and breathing the oxygen from the air. Maybe at night when the stars are shining, or maybe under the intense light of he sun or even the contrast of stormy conditions. Connected to the simple wonders of existence without the need for it to be complicated with meaningless distraction.

Have a beautiful day ❤


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