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The Art of Human Truth

August 29, 2016

For my entire adult life I’ve struggled and fought for my independence in order to find and hold onto my freedom. The freedom to realise my birth-right as a born free individual, so that I may explore the truth which lays within. It’s not been easy and I’ve become utterly lost many times along the way, but at least for the moment I’m able to tenuously hold onto an element of truth which is increasing my understanding of being.

Fracked 1

It’s a complicated existence in which I have to endure societal assimilation, so that I may understand my circumstance. Whilst rejecting an acceptance of the values of capitalism in order to realise an independent trajectory towards freedom. The consequences of this way of life,  living with my own simplistic values becomes a complicated web of socially counter intuitive reasoning. Where by my decisions fly in the face of common sense, but straight into the arms of intuitive reasoning.

The art of companionship

This trajectory is a result of the invitation art offers me to explore existence without superficial boundaries and I feel utterly compelled to follow it, in order to achieve a substantial meaning to my brief existence. I have tried other approaches to creativity having been groomed within the confines of establishment thinking, but my work was never truly accepted and I never felt comfortable with the values extolled. So I eventually opted for a freestyle approach in which I attempt to be me, but I can tell you it’s far from easy. And I struggle each day to realise the ideas floating around in my conscious thoughts, ideas waiting to materialise through my distracted state of being. Because my conditioning within society has hampered my ability with countless distractions.

The extraordinary act of experiencing adversity

Within the societal approach to art I’m not a team player because I see self realisation as the goal of an artist, in order to demonstrate a unique vision to society. And my path to self realisation is not one which conforms to the current trending of values within the art world. For this reason my struggle to survive on a material level, as an artist has been very hard, with  no help from the established institutions of the art world because of it’s conformist approach. However I am a team player in the bigger picture because I feel we all have a contribution to make to society in order to add to the rich texture of possibility.


My adventure in the arts has been curious to say the least and eventually as an artist I had to ditch all my ambitions and accept a life financially compromised to an extreme in order to get somewhere close to achieving my potential. Because I realised that to become someone I must first accept that I’m no one and from that position I could build a more empirical belief through doing and realising. That I would be the work in progress and humbled by a deeper truth.


In the early days I had no idea what the consequences of my own odyssey would be. My life adventure being the one slot I was sure about, where my energies would exist in this human form. A life where I found the beauty of uncertainty, witnessed in a life of unfolding surprises, delivering priceless treasures of discovery. A life of deep faith in humanity, unplanned and open to possibility so that I could step beyond myself and find something beyond my grasp, something which I was previously incapable of comprehending or imagining.

I don't know what to make of this life

With the art of human freedom there are no convenient markers of achievement because it is a realm of creativity that transcends the simplistic notions of judgment.  A place where uncertainty reigns supreme. And to this extent human expression is neither good or bad, because it is just a human expression free from the constraints of a judgmental society. So as an artist the satisfaction comes from a deeper level of understanding the realisation of human possibility. That is the timeless values of our brief lives which not only relate to planetary existence but also to our cosmic existence as we hurl through space as part of an incredible solar vortex.


Art has been my greatest teacher,teaching me that life is both huge as a cosmological possibility and  also small in the earthly incarnation when hampered by the parameters of social indoctrination. You only have to look at how we as human beings fight on the surface of our planet over the trivialities of resources and the occupation of territory. Corrupted by greed and power in a global hierarchy as we feast needlessly to satiate our greedy appetites. In fact we are all too frequently blinded to the bigger picture and beauty of human existence, agitated through our social indoctrination and held as prisoners to imposed values. Governed by hierarchy, competition and status to the point where we can’t even enjoy exercise without competition.

The Bird Man

We’re actively encouraged to want more in a society governed by questionable values of consumption when in fact the answers to human happiness probably lay in the simplicity of understanding self and nurturing spiritual needs. Because harmony offers a state of being  in which we are realised, at one with our human circumstance on a planetary and cosmological level. Sometimes I just have to remind myself that to breath, eat drink and be sheltered is enough, and to just enjoy the purity and essence of existence. And when I do this I’m able to feel free and unshackled from the expectations of society. After all I’m no better than anyone else and no one is any better than me, because we are equal, just a little different. And those who feel a need to prove they are better than others should ask themselves why they they need to.

Classical Dilemma

These fundamental truths I try to explore through my art have taught me much and it’s what I try to share as my own personal contribution. An exploration of values that may or may not resonate with others, but at least I offer them as an example.

Thanks for looking 🙂

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