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A Subtle Revolution

September 18, 2016


A Subtle Revolution

I sometimes feel restricted by the traditions, institutions and expectations of society, which is why I struggle to break free to empower myself. To take control over my own life and work without the censorship of conventional dogma. And whilst this may sound simple, it actually isn’t, because there are consequences and ramifications from individualism.

In contemporary society we are witnessing an explosion of a type of individualism, (the result of a perception of empowerment) as globalisation in its many forms runs rampant across the world. Fuelled by social media and affordable global communications, new virtual communities are growing around most aspects of human interest. This new way feels empowering as it gives us all a voice but it also takes us out of our physical reality and subjects us to a bombardment of global indoctrination. Confronting us with a duality that is just part of the eternal dichotomy life throws in our path as we are forced to make choices, our prerogative being to make the choices which define actuality. And the hope is that we become discerning enough to make the right choices for the benefit of society and the sustainability of the planet.

I personally feel that we are entering a new era, a time for the people to have a voice which could shape our collective direction in a subtle revolution. Because being the unwilling passengers at the mercy of a few drivers is not only a recipe for disaster but also undemocratic. And so as the rigid structures erode to expose the agendas imposed upon the masses, changes will seamlessly evolve. Together we are a stronger as a collective because when you pool human resources together for a common goal, inclusivity allows greater development. As opposed to people working for themselves in the secrecy of the paranoid atmosphere of copyrighting, so as to benefit their own agenda. Because if individualism is to work towards progress it must  be through a connectivity to the whole or common purpose.

I personally feel the “hope” that this improved global communication is offering, as more people feel empowered to become active and pursue their passions. And it’s the reason why I blog and share my work on the various platforms of my choice. Yes I have a personal agenda in terms of self realisation because I know that I must evolve in order to offer anything of value. In my case it’s allowing me to pursue the truth of my art and make a more relevant contribution to the great debate concerning art and society. Because not only can I show my work, I can also explain the reasoning behind it and what making it has taught me. Allowing me to make my art more accessible to a broader demographic in what is the realisation of a democratizing gesture. My contribution to bring art to the ordinary people like myself, whilst maintaining a commitment to all interested parties. A modest contribution to the awakening global consciousness.

Perhaps one of the biggest challenge which lays ahead is the real world realisation of virtual concepts, which is needed in order to create real and lasting change in society. Something which I feel is already happening through many initiatives and something which I’m trying to address in my own life as I search for venues through which I can share my work with a broader public. A way of making art work in society with the same democratizing values it has here in virtual land. Art for everyone without the imposition of superfluous values and agendas.

“When I Look Back Upon My Life”

Before the dawning of the age of the internet in the early eighties, I felt the intensity of isolation as an artist working alone and unattached in the UK. I felt the pressures and the influence of an oppressive state, forcing me down the narrow institutional paths. And I accepted my repression and censorship because I could see no other options than working with the existing structures of hierarchy. A time in which I denied many aspects of my humanity, through the fear which society imposed upon me. But through the passage of time my commitment to art slowly awakened my soul and when I was ready and the circumstances were right, it woke me up with a Bang. I knew at this juncture in my life that there would be no going back to sleep, as I had the chance to exist in the way I dreamed about. And so I was confronted with a huge challenge to move forward in my life, simply because I was ready. To move towards the values of humanity and away from the values imposed by society.

In one sense I didn’t feel like the author forcing this change, but more like I was at the mercy of a deeper spiritual calling in which I had to relinquish control, control that is the consequence of fear. I was also a part of the global trend moving towards a spiritual freedom. It was like I could feel and hear the universe in a way that is beyond the obvious and yet not tangible as a coherent whole. An awareness of all that I had once ignored and it wasn’t a huge shift, but more of being awakened to my sensory perceptions. A realisation that all the answers to my questions lay within the fabric of everything and that if I listened to life around me, I would find a way forward. A way to live my life that would bring a state of oneness in which I could live without compromise.

And now I’ve realised that beyond the torment of frustration which making art has delivered to my soul, there is something quite beautiful. A place and space where my being is enhanced by the timeless values and qualities of existence. A place where I can feel and touch upon the latent mystery which lays within the fabric of everything. Just to be aware that I’m a part of the whole allows me to trust in my intuition and what I feel within the connected matter of my being.

I feel life is so much more than what is imposed through the finite confines of societal agenda, which is why the virtual lands offer so much hope. And even though so much may seem to be trivial, the reality is that people are awakening to having a voice and in time those voices will find a direction. They will also find a purpose and move into the real world as the gentle revolution unfolds.

Have a wonderful day 🙂

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