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The Sacred Nature of Art

November 13, 2016


My art has taken a profound turn since I changed my approach from a more traditional perspective to one in which I attempt to explore my intuitive intelligence. This new direction is complicated and dynamic and is without a formal structure beyond exploring what feels relevant in the moment. I don’t make art to impress or to be liked and there is no career path or expectation. .

My evolving process involves the usual intensity of thought,  life observation and experience, and working creatively with what manifests itself within my mind and hands. For example I can’t say what I will be doing tomorrow because I have no idea and I can’t work at long-term project based art because it restricts the flow of my creativity.  And so as my creativity looks to explore the uncertainty of existence, I find it can’t be scheduled through conventional practice. Which is why my flow of work may appear to be somewhat erratic and counter intuitive to the more conventional career driven approach.

The only long-term goal I currently have is for greater freedom so that I can connect to what I believe is the purity of  human creative intuition. What lies within the depths of humanity that connects us to the source of our existence. It’s a kind of art beyond ego and beyond the constraints of the art world, which is why I have no ambition beyond surviving on a material level, making imagery which communicates to others and informs myself.

I’ve recently read about the concept of the 3D matrix  and have found this helpful in my  understanding of life and society. And it’s helped me to view planetary life as one aspect or level of existence. Life as we know it within an organic matrix where we experience existence through our five senses. A matrix in which an aspect of existence or being is experienced through a mortal life on earth. It’s  also allowed me to see (even more clearly) the constructs of society which I feel can restrict human experience through disconnection and fear. And I believe that I’m finally understanding my deep sense of discontent and dissociation with the simplistic notions of enforced human containment.


So having gone through a fairly brutal self-inflicted period of deconstruction of self and my environment I feel more equipped to explore life without boundaries. To look at the possibilities of existence beyond the confines of logic and common sense. With this new approach each day is a blank canvas waiting to be filled with the unfolding experience and I can just enjoy my life without expectation and maybe even enjoy my flow of existential crises.

I’ve always maintained a belief that through art we connect and have a window into the deeper mysteries of existence. And for my part the reference to cave art was always deeply felt as was working with the ancient clays that were once worked by people as far back as the time of the caves. I still find working with clay to be quite extraordinary, and I’ve noticed in my limited spells of working in schools how the mood changes when people start to work with clay. It can be almost hypnotic as people connect to a truly fundamental aspect of being, almost like a meditation. A connection of the mind and body, through which we start to remember who and what we are through manipulating a piece of earth.

Of late I’ve “switched on tuned in and dropped out” a bit more and limited the amount of commercial art I make, so that I can develop my art without constraints. And in doing so I must face the consequences, which often means having to survive tremendous poverty, which can be hard to handle, because of the pressure it brings to bear. But somehow I always survive and my ideological approach only strengthens, because I have a genuine reason and a purpose.  It’s an uncomfortable life which feels real and present and not one for the faint hearted who seek comfort in the material world. But I do feel that art is hard-core and on the edge, a tough choice which requires absolute commitment.


What I have found incredible about my experience is how it relates to all the issues we’re currently facing in society. From climate change to the political situation and beyond to the cosmos. All matters which have come to my attention as a direct result of becoming open to the circumstance of my existence. So instead of just being actively connected to the  societal expectations of an artist I’ve also connected to the essence of my humanity which I feel allows me to make more informed art. A consequence which often leaves me caught between these two very different aspects of being.

I along with the current mood feel that humanity is at a crossroad and dramatic changes lie ahead. Change that may be a gentle evolution or change that may be forced by the consequence of our collective actions and irresponsible treatment of the planet.  And I must admit to finding it all fascinating from the perspective of my creative exploration. Because through the connectivity of art you get a feel for what is happening in the world, but how relevant this is only time will tell due to the nature of our perpetual uncertainty.

I can’t help myself from being drawn to the romantic notion that through art one has the ability to connect  with the  source of ones existence. To become one and briefly touch upon what it is that we are born with, before it becomes distant to the ways of rational and hierarchical society. The truth of our existence beyond ego and beyond the weight of the pressure which societal traditions use to smother our souls. The truth you feel when you are alone in an undisturbed state of being as you listen to your heart and feel each  breath of oxygen enrich your body. And I feel this is the richness which art brings to your soul as you become lost in a harmonious truth.

Making art is a privilege and can be quite beautiful, making one feel that life is divine and sacred,  as it connects on the deepest of levels. Allowing us to feel the timeless nature of being and the beautiful gift of life. And it’s my grounded ideological beliefs in this beauty which softens the harsh realities where art and society meet.

I often say it’s not easy being me but I think many people  feel the same, as the cracks start to appear within the establishments of western societies, exposing truths about the sacrifice of our humanity. But the good thing is that people are awakening through a need for understanding the truth and purpose of being. And this is why I feel art is so important and also why sincerity is so important. Because it can be a catalyst in offering a level of insight which may trigger a response and open people’s lives to otherwise forgotten possibilities. As an artist I may fail, but at least my intent is based on an attempt offer absolute sincerity.

The sharing of my art has brought me wonderful exchanges with many people, in which there has been a refreshing dialogue of ideas about the nature of existence. Conversations which have allowed me to awaken further to my deeper responsibilities as an artist. And as an artist I do my part by sharing all my thoughts and ideas from the connectivity of my existence. A life in which I now feel like an equal, a life in which I have no allegiance to a flag, because fundamentally I’m just another human incarnation existing on a huge planet.

Right now life feels quite simple after a few years of reprogramming my mind and I feel lighter and less burdened though the wolf hangs out pretty near to my door at all times. I’m still aware that I have much to do, but for now the direction my life has taken feels right. And I hope to be able to make some magical art to reflect the direction my life is taking.

Have a beautiful day 🙂



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