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Sweet Mysteries of Art

December 7, 2016


As an artist I don’t really know what I’m doing or why I’m making the art that I do. However I do have a notion of my intent, which is to try to further understand my circumstance through a stream of expression, like an outpouring of consciousness. Art which I feel goes beyond the intellectual and delves into the soulful nature of humanity and existence.

I try to channel my thoughts through the limitations of my abilities, so that I may express what I think that I feel and also learn from the results as I watch the work unfold and develop. Through this approach I hope to avoid the contrivance and conceit of offering an absolute narrative,  because I feel working to a specific agenda puts limitations on the lateral possibilities of human expression. And this  lateral approach feels more important than ever to me with the linear constraints of economic based societies.

So what is my art about then ? Well it’s about an open exploration of the nature of being, an engagement with whatever feels relevant through the experience of existence and the occupation of a life. To this extent it comes from within whilst also being reactionary to the imposition of societal values. Art without rules that can wander freely in the direction it finds through enquiry, art which is not held within the confines of tradition and history.

And I guess ultimately that my art is leading towards freedom from the constraints of society so that I may realise and understand a purpose to my existence in a divine sense as opposed to a societal sense. My art is also confronting  conventional wisdom which is used to collectively compromise our lives and it’s probably in this area where I find that  I’m able to articulate my discoveries, because it’s the place where I challenge my own rigidity.

The complex nature of life means that my work ebbs and flows through all the distractions and obstacles out there, but there is a developmental arc in which the layers of my work build up to offer a more insightful narrative. My honest contribution to the big conversation which is going on out there as human consciousness evolves through our collective will.

Through my art I do get a sense that we are going through an interesting period of awakening as information starts to flow more freely and the consequences of our prosperity materialise. The once untouchable establishments are being challenged because people are perceiving new ways of empowerment against the machine, all of which is eroding what was once taken for granted. Something I find inspiring because for me it shines a light towards greater human freedom and the exploration of alternative possibilities.

Sometimes I look at the art world as a microcosm of society and I see the problems which society faces from its imprisonment within a system which controls it. Because I see art governed by the same hierarchical system, the tail wagging the dog. I see art led by the market and expectations of the system as opposed to art being led by free thinking artists, pretty much like the politicians that have no conviction beyond ambition. And this is a huge problem in my eyes because of the sacred nature of art and its true value to society and on the bigger scale of society the sacred nature of our humanity is sacrificed for the ambition of a few.

To find my human freedom I had to distance myself from the art world so that I could explore whatever I felt relevant, away from the prying eyes of the judgmental environment. And in doing so I believe I’ve found a whole new meaning for art, one in which art is a complex yet simplistic offering for everyone to experience and understand. Art made as an honest expression to communicate with the ordinary people of society. Art which works because I’m not trying to be clever in some pseudo intellectual way, in fact I’m not trying to be anything other than genuine and honest, because I have nothing to prove. And it’s a relief to say good-bye to all those years of living in expectation with the hurdles, hoops, obstacles and ambitions which society etches into our consciousness.

I really do hope that my art communicates how I feel about life and what art has taught me because in one sense it really is quite simple. The message is really one of encouraging equality and empowerment of the individual. To question, enjoy and celebrate the beautiful complexity of our mysterious existence.


I hope you have a beautiful day 🙂

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