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2017 a good year for silence

December 21, 2017


“I’m back”

Hello beautiful people in WordPress World 🙂  I’m back, because after having sold a few sculptures this year I was able to afford to upgrade my WordPress account and buy a little more GigaBitage where I can share my thoughts, ideas and evolving imagery.


2017 has been a year of transition for me in which I finally made that leap out of my creative confusion towards a more independent state of self actualisation. I’ve done this by relentlessly working on my imagery and by refining my ideas until I was able to achieve a level of clarity. It’s been a year in which I’ve not created much new imagery but instead I’ve dedicated my time to making finished works which I will curate into an exhibition with about five specific themes.  The exhibition will feature  drawings and prints to support sculptural elements and will also include a certain amount of text. I’m actually hoping to develop my themes in this blog and establish all that contextual stuff, so that I can submit a proposal to various centres of art.



One of the five themes I’m developing for the exhibition will be called “Identity ~ In ~ Crisis” and will focus on studies of the human head. Exploring the multi-dimensional nature of being, our context within the specificity of time and the crisis we are facing in our accelerating evolution. It’s really quite exciting for me because it’s a huge subject to explore and there is much to work out in order to produce a coherent body of work and ideas.


As part of my commitment to this exhibition proposal, I will be developing a narrative through which I can express my ideas and I hope to use a much broader approach to creativity than I’ve used before. This means breaking further away from the work which formed the foundations of my life as “The Equestrian Sculptor”, though not losing touch with the skills it taught me.


Bye for now and have a great day 🙂

  1. Janet Rutigliano permalink

    Hi Eoghan, It’s really great to hear your voice on these pages again after a long absence. I have removed myself from all social media (since earlier this year), as it’s a way to keep sane and improve general health. 🙂 So, a new entry from your blog is a sweet surprise. I hope 2018 finds your muse active and energetic. All the best, Janet R.

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  2. Hi Janet, it’s great to hear from you and thanks 🙂 I hope 2018 is a good year for you. I’ve enjoyed my retreat from social media and am trying to formalise my work and ideas into an exhibitable format so that I can approach a public gallery with the hope of having a proper exhibition. So I will be blogging again as a way of tuning my ideas and learnining to articulate them with the written word. Kind Regards Eoghan


    • Janet Rutigliano permalink

      You more than deserve a proper exhibition at this point, and I have every hope that this will bring it to fruition. I was happy to see your writing and work again since I removed myself from Facebook and other such outlets. I look forward to seeing how this all expands in 2018 into a wildly successful exhibition for you! All the best….Janet

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