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February 11, 2018


Art looks to broaden human awareness through the improbabilities and possibilities of imagination, often in a crazy juxtaposition of the ordinary. Images which shock our sensibilities and allow us to see our humanity from a different perspective. This is why I’m intrigued by Musk’s Tesla on its cosmic journey into infinity, seeing it as more as a work of art than a scientific offering. An untouchable sculptural gesture fired into the blackness of space as a grand performance and demonstration of human possibility. An unknown environment where there is no right way round or gravity to limit our outlook, an environment too hostile for human beings to even exist in. So we blast an ordinary every day product of human endeavour that we can relate to, out there into unknown space with a hope that it’ll allow us to contemplate and relate our thoughts to what lays beyond our limitation. To imagine the unimaginable, beyond the confines of logical and rational thinking.


This extraordinary context of a Tesla car in space opens up a huge debate about humanity and all that we take for granted. The amazing fusion of human potential contrasting starkly with the frailty of human limitation. For me this whole spectacle is an accidental artistic expression on a huge scale. A $100 million event, grabbing the worlds attention with what appears to be the vein folly of an eccentric billionaire. A futile act of profundity that perhaps serves a far greater purpose than its assumed whimsical intent.


Because there was no apparent reason for this event beyond the promotion of Elon Musk’s car and his admiration of David Bowie’s music one is left to ask why? And because there is no definitive why, we are invited to contemplate this act of human expression by an individual, which I believe constitutes an act of art. An event which has stimulated a strong reaction within me that I’m enjoying contemplating.


I even made a quick sketch to celebrate the event


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