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January 28, 2019

I know I’ve only just published a blog 🙂 but after a year in the wilderness I need to blast away the cobwebs so that I can get on with a bit of the old arty farty stuff. So here goes with a few more reflections. Hopefully some new art works will follow when the ice melts in my studio.

I’ve lived a life riddled by questions without answers, which is perhaps why I chose to be an artist. A life in which I feel that I’ve grown, evolved and changed, even though I’ve been a little reluctant to accept the possibilities of this reality. At times allowing my identity and set of beliefs to dictate the parameters of my perception. I suppose in many circumstances within society a fixed  identity is key to social engagement and professional standing and a perception of knowing who you are. However one day I realised that there was no rational or logical reason to the meaning or purpose of life and that there was no simple explanation to account for my existence. In short I felt that a rational overview of life and creativity was like looking at the world through blinkers and I needed to open my eyes. I just kind of knew that there was no solid ground to stand upon and that the only foundation for my life was a profound awareness of uncertainty.

This acceptance of  uncertainty was my own eureka moment in which my entire life became undone and I was officially broken. From being just another unit locked within the parameters of my society I experienced a glimpse of freedom. This realisation has been the most magical aspect of my life as an artist, because it liberated me from a state of self-imposed imprisonment. No longer did I have to be held by a set of constructed beliefs, because I knew that anything is possible with an opening mind.

Recently after all my years of making art, I realised I wasn’t unable to find a space or place within the art world which felt like home. So I took a sabbatical year, a year in which I avoided conscious creative acts. In my year of ordinary life outside of the fabricated art world I could live and respond to a basic reality in which I was able to witness a more fundamental aspect of life. I felt able to ground myself and see life within society, in particular the mechanics of trade and purposed interaction. I had nothing to prove whilst helping get jobs done in and around people’s houses. Observing life far from the world of art and seeing lives untouched by the art which has dominated my whole existence. Here was a different perspective  which highlighted a detachment of the art world from general society. I always thought that art should connect humanity, yet it many ways it appears to divides us through art world elitism. Factionalism ascending over harmony in the upholding of a corrupt and institutionalised status quo. The likes and don’t likes of art, the good the bad and the uglies and all the nonsense of imaginatively invented criteria.

I’ve said it before and I know I’ll say it again, that art which fails to communicate without the help of a so-called expert or critic is the art of failure. Art which requires the protection of institution to qualify its validity is failing to respect humanity and our shared experience of coexistence. Art which is designed to flatter those whose insecurities force them to seek elevation at the expense of their peers is nothing more than a cheap shot. And this is why I cannot be a part of the pseudo-elitist art world and why I need to make art without allegiance or aspirations to conformity. Art which is about an open and transparent communication to fellow human beings of any status or standing in society.

So what am I searching for as an artist? well perhaps art with a purpose, art to connect the collective journey,  to explain the truth and lies and shine a light towards a soulful purpose. Art about a truth and honesty that is difficult to connect with when you’re trying to please and conform with formal expectations. Art as an outpouring of truth no matter how abrasive the response is, art without fear of  toxic judgement. Art which basically says fuck it because I’m going to make what I want and say what I need to say, a life in which my voice isn’t taken from me out of fear. Looking for something which I guess is the freedom to seamlessly express myself.

Yeah, its heavy shit and I know, but the web in which we are each entangled is most complex. Because of this I try to connect within and to understand the soulful level of basic humanity and existence. The who am I outside of society and social influence, when alone with my own little soul. Because from my perspective art is just this, a communication from my own little soul as relevant as it is irrelevant. As important as it’s unimportant, made without a consideration of consequence, format or external reaction. Art that is a free expression from this shared journey we take upon planet earth. Art that has no rules, striking to break free from the conditioning and indoctrination which separates us from ourselves. Art which comments from the perspective of an outsider free from the clutches of a controlling society.

Whilst it’s easy to write and think in these ways of liberated human freedom, it is more complex to walk this walk. And it’s complex because our whole conditioning becomes like an instinct, in how we react to circumstance, or at least it feels that way to me. But in my life and experience as an artist looking for some dependable truth and integrity, I was not able to find it within the art world or on the streets I walked upon. Ultimately this approach to creativity has led me to where I am now, a place perhaps of greater isolation where I feel able to express myself with some clarity and purpose. A place which feels true to my own nature and where my wandering thoughts have a purpose.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day 🙂



  1. Janet Rutigliano permalink

    Keep blasting, shining, and wandering from your place of isolation. Good to hear from you again, as always. ~Janet


  2. Beverly-anne Newkirk permalink

    Yay! It’s Eoghan!


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