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The Art of Life is Hard Today

February 1, 2019

Making art plays with your mind whilst raising many questions about purpose and the meaning of life. And because there are no rules to creative expression, one’s liberated in an exploration without the boundaries imposed by society. It’s an interesting space and place to occupy, if not a little disconcerting. Following this creative process often take you to a place that has no real place within society. A place that in some ways is a state of mind that goes beyond a need to be materialised, because we are the art. Beings who express ourselves being the embodiment of creativity.

I feel that art has the power to change us and alter our perceptions so that we can see life in a different way. As an artist I know it’s changed me and I’m sure those who don’t practice art will have their lives touched by art in some way. So in our ways of seeing, art has a clear purpose, by the triggering of a response and reaction. Art as a reflex beyond the formalities of good and bad and the aesthetic refinements of tradition. To this extent I sometimes feel that art is everything and everything is art.

As a viewer of art I want to get what the artist is saying even if it’s subliminal or just a feeling that it leaves me with. Which is why the intent of art is so important, because it shines through and communicates, which is why the whole thinking process which underpins art is paramount. So for me it’s not so much about telling with obvious narratives but showing through a creative demonstration.

Possibly one of the most interesting elements of art is this thinking bit, the journey through the mind in search of a relevant expression to complement existential experience. A process touching upon the reaction to life and circumstance, and the inspiration to make something exciting and new. For me the fun is in the thought and realisation of this cyclical process, the expressions like stepping-stones marking out the adventure of a life unfolding. And in trying to keep the momentum of forward movement I’m often reminded of what someone always used to say to me “watch where you’re going, not where you’ve been”.

In my practice of art it’s always been a dream to make art that is extraordinary, reaching out towards the limits of my sensory perception. Accepting the invitation to take that step beyond the ordinary and into the imagination where endless possibilities await. It’s a simple vision of art which delivers a special experience in the celebration of life. Unfortunately I do get blown off course and at times lose my way, but somehow I always find my way back. Back to that place where I feel the need to make something exciting and new. My ticket to the land of optimism where anything and everything is possible.

Just maybe art is about optimism, forever sitting on the cusp of discovering new ideas. Reaching forward to grasp what is out of reach, following a brief glimpse or vision of an idea. An idea that I can sense is possible if only I could capture it. And it’s this joy and optimism which makes the hardship of an artist’s life worthwhile and what inspires me to battle through my complex internal conflict. Thinking and contemplating with all that I’ve got in the vain hope that something will happen. That I will find a meaning and purpose to briefly satiate the longing of my soul and direct my existence.

At times, long times, like years at a time I’ve been known to frequent a wilderness of despair. A place where my ideologies conflict with the realities of circumstance, where I feel bound and restricted by the overwhelming imposition of conventional expectations. It’s almost like I imprison myself with the need to be congenial within the judgmental  arena of society. Maybe I’m afraid of the inevitable negativity which is provoked through difference and conflict, whatever it is I have to work through it. So that I can hold onto my dreams, dreams savaged by the storms and tumult of everyday life. Searching for a path that feels untainted by cynicism, fresh ground to tread upon in an overcrowded world

It’s a crazy life and in the scheme of things nothing really matters and yet it does. I will never achieve anything of significant magnitude, beyond a token offering  into the vastness of infinity. Yet I feel profoundly concerned with being significant and true to what I feel is my soul purpose, maybe this is what being a “legend in your own lunch-time” is all about. So with a determination I try to hold onto these ephemeral fragments, to weather the storms, so that I can hold on to being me, because that is all I’ve got. This tenuous grip on the connected force of existence, this life force that I don’t even have the sensory capacity to understand.

So is there a way forward from here?  Well I feel that I almost have to begin again because my life pretty much crashed. My direction ran its course, slowly petered out and metaphorically came to rest at the buffers. Life has chaned me, so what I’ve decided to do is continue with my sculpture, though I wont exhibit my work or do commissions for now, instead I will share images of my work in the virtual world and try to sell it through my website. I feel that by taking these steps I can once again make the sculptures which I feel are a necessity to my process and evolution. Take control of my life so that I can produce authentic art made purely as an expression and hopefully find my way without the distraction and influence of external expectation.

Thank you for looking and I wish you well 🙂

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