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So What’s Your Philosophy?

February 18, 2019

I don’t think anyone has ever asked me what my life philosophy is and I don’t expect anyone is really interested in it. However for me its central to my life and wellbeing and what occupies my thoughts on a daily basis. No matter how busy my life is or how distracted I am by the pressing needs of survival within society I just can’t help but think beyond the mundane. Thinking about meaning and purpose beyond the confines of societal programming and wondering why human experience within society seems to be so limited.

It’s like there are two truths of being, my compliant social soul and my free thinking soul, which are not really compatible. This is because there’s no formal place for freedom as much as there is no place for formality within the realms of freedom. Although this may sound like an irrelevance it does cause many issues on the more social levels of being, often making life feel irrelevant to the formal cause of human existence. I think the dilemma often arrives out of a questioning of beliefs in which beliefs hold us to a way of thinking that we don’t truly understand. We just believe and hold onto beliefs as markers of our identity within the social framework of society, never really questioning them to destruction.

Politics is one area of social custom that is the result of formalizing an approach to the governance of social grouping. It’s a societal invention/evolution and a way of making us see the world in a more specific way, but does the political environment of the 21st century fit the spiritual requirements of our time. And do we allow ourselves to be governed by harmful doctrines which do not allow human freedom and planetary harmony. And if we do allow this knowing the consequences of our behaviour why do we allow it. Why do we allow the greed of capitalism to eat the earths resources and litter the planet with toxic detritus. Is it because we are so controlled by our societies that we are unable and incapable of effecting change.

It seems like we are governed by our past, a formalised way of living and being that leads to conflict, oppression and exploitation. A hierarchical system in which the masses are held by tribal identities, so instead of humanity uniting, its unity is divided to maintain a status quo. A world held together and encouraged by difference. It’s like sport is a key contributor to identity on a local level, a mechanism of society through which we are divided by (for example) the football teams we support and on a national level we are united against our division from international rivals. Why do countries try so hard to do well at the olympics to the point of drugging athletes, is running faster really that important. Is victory at the expense of a loser really so wonderful, to me it seems incredible that so much energy is placed in exploring human difference as opposed to human unity. So sport not only supports and reinforces the notion of hiearchy, it also acts as a distraction and encourages primitive tribal values of difference which is often the cement of nationhood and national pride.

So in the 21st Century war and conflict prospers as human beings continue the age-old conflict of tribal conflict. Competing for land minerals and global dominance in what is ultimately a futile exercise of repetition without really learning and I mean really learning about human welfare. A world unable to move forward, divided by religion, politics and ethnicity, when we are all born as innocents into this world. And this is my big issue as an artist, I was born as just another innocent being into this world and then I was shaped and moulded by my society, a society which I still don’t really believe in and a civilisation that is far from civilized.

Human life is just astonishing and under the scrutiny of objective analysis, formal society  makes little sense. No sense that we as humans impose an order of limitation upon ourselves that formalizes our existential reality into the confines of a narrow set of beliefs. And its this deliberate construction of society that can’t contain or satisfy the human freedom which an artist searches for as they look for authenticity and truth. To hide behind logic, rational thinking, religion, politics and common sense is just to bury your head in the sand whilst denying the true complexity of existence.

As an artist I don’t feel bound to anything, I’m not interested in conflict or identity, I don’t even want to be held by entrenched beliefs. All I want is to be able to express myself in some way that feels authentic to what I understand of my soul purpose, to maintain a fluidity within my thoughts. To feel the reality of my own life outside of what is imposed upon me as a result of my geographical location. To this extent I can neither succeed or fail on a human level or within the framework of society, because my time as a being is just an exploration.

And at the moment that is pretty much my philosophy 🙂

Have a lovely day

  1. Anonymous permalink

    Well said Eoghan. I can relate to much of this. Thanks for sharing. With peace and light always, Wendy.

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