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May 19, 2019


In spite of everything and in spite of self, I do feel that life offers a challenge to find the real you. The unmasked soul that feels at one with thought and action, where truth is a mere fluent part of being. In my experience this fluency is felt in fleeting moments when I think and contemplate the challenges of artistic authenticity. In particular as I search for a theoretical truth and relevance to artistic expression which is beyond the trivialisation of the cloacking judgmental criteria (which art is subjected to through societies gaze).


It’s not that my life is a consciously active search but more a state of being in which I feel compelled to find some truth to my existence beyond the narratives imposed by society. Living a life without accepting the conventional benchmarks of society which exist as markers to safely guide us through life. And I feel this way because in order to express myself freely as an artist I need to feel free as a human being to feel and experience life without the predjudice of expectation and contrived values.


Expectation in itself is a complicated area in art for many reasons, ranging from what one feels society expects and how society shapes us into conformist beings within the parameters of  expectation. Here lies a fundamental problem, in that our national identity shapes us into ways of being and seeing which demonstrate our predicament. A predicament which imprisons art and compromises the freedom of human expression with the invisible constraints of conditioning. These are the challenges laid down to the artist and the invitation is to break them down. To burst through convention and discover the possibilities of a free human spirit.


Breaking down convention is where art comes alive and offers society something of  real value, value which goes beyond money and vanity. Because its a soulful value which can help people to see beyond the values of society and realise their human state. Art which is not about liking or taste but instead a direct communication from soul to soul. The base line of what I’m saying is that art is neither good or bad unless you impose a judgement upon it and a judgement is the subject of a bias. In fact one could go as far as saying that the more a person understands the conventions of art the less they are able to understand and see it without prejudice.


So to truly see and feel art, it may be that all you need to do is just be connected with your truth and allow impartiality to free oneself of expectation. I only write this as a reflection of my experience in trying to make art, as I’ve tried to overcome the many struggles and obstacles in my life. Fighting to break free from what feels like a metaphorical incarceration, a life in which I felt trapped, seeking desperately to free myself. I will say that after many years I do feel that I’ve freed myself on many levels and am now able to understand the constraints of society, nationality and the overwhelming doctrines which we impose upon ourselves and others.


As for my future as an artist, this is something I have grave doubts about, simply because I have no ambition or desire to show or make any new work. I’m tired of the struggle in trying to convince people of the relevance of my work because its very much like putting a square peg in a round hole. Art is a done deal in society and controlled through institution yet artists are free spirits in search of freedom. Their vulnerability laid bare through judgemental expectations and financial enslavement.

Thanks for looking and have a great day 🙂


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