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Born Free But Not Equal

July 6, 2019

Rebel You Fuckers

Today I can feel the rebellious spirit coursing through my veins 🙂

I often muse over the complex nature of free thinking within the confines of society and how we’re all conditioned (or socially engineered) through the patriotic traditions and systems of religion, politics and social order. And in particular how the global systems of economic management which have no bearings on the actuality of organic human existence impact upon us. Systems which bully us all into the simplification of conformity so that we can passively enable the continuance of continuity without questioning.


From my own observations as a subject of the united kingdom 🙂 I feel that the role of Hierarchies throughout history is a huge problem, particularly with all the exploitative possibilities to hand. Because there is a sense of entitlement which is generated through status and wealth which has no bearing on worthiness or merit, but instead a reward for opportunism, greed and exploitation. All of which sets a tone in society for the smash and grab mentality of the winner takes it all. And in this so called civilized world we are taught to just accept injustice as normality and not even question the status quo. The British Empire being a beautful example of such exploitation and hypocrisy.


As human beings we may be born free but we’re by no means equal and our lives will be subjected to the inequality of society, something which may impact heavily upon us. We will be judged and in turn learn to judge as we become assimilated within the system where each and every one of us will act out our part and fulfill a role. And it’s curious because we will be judged by, gender, ethnicity, religion, politics and also by everything that we choose to identify with, right down to the sporting teams we support. Our sense of freedom being a perception relative to the boundaries imposed upon our lives.


I feel a need to question identity and wonder why we really need to be defined in so many ways when we are born as innocents on to a singular planet. Is it that important that continents are divided into seperate territories and we are all assigned a space and place under the flags and cultural heritage of that place. Or could it be that we will one day be allowed to choose the reason we feel that our existence came into being. To explore free thinking beyond the constraints of boundaries and the cultural oppression of states. I even wonder if the cultural appropriation of human life is still valid in the twenty first century or is it time for people to cut loose and explore their existence beyond the simplistic boundaries. Culminating in the redefining of self in a global context without prejudice.


In my search for freedom I often wonder if we should we be concerned about history and held prisoner to the beliefs and traditions of  evolving civilization. And I contemplate how it would be possible to break free from the conventions of normality as has been documented and catalogued through time. Because with art I sense the control of authority and how it becomes protected by the elitism of the establishment and it really concerns me in my own work and how I’ve felt bullied by the enablers of the art world. An art world which holds artists through implied constraints and invisible restraints of history and economics. I mean the art world isn’t like it is just because it is, it’s like it is for a reason. A reason which is not so holy.


Living in this divided world we fight over religion, politics, borders, ethnicity, gender, oil, money, sport and just about anything else you can think of. Yet we call ourselves civilized, we spend fortunes on (so called) defense budgets so that we can attack others, destroying and mutilating life and earth as a justifiable and patriotic gesture. But all this does is expose the truth of greed and tyranny beneath the thinly veiled illusion of civilization. Something we all just go along with because the powers that be condition our thinking from day one. A life in which we are manipulated by our state, through lies and fakery so that we enforce their will upon others. Blinded by patriotism we follow and support tyranny believing we are just and right to do so.


I find life absolutely fascinating because we live our lives in a way that relates more to the so called matrix of society than to the actuality of the living breathing planet which we are choking to death. A world in which we’re encouraged to be more concerned about the lives of  “A” list celebrities than we are about the plastification of the oceans. So while the world heats up in protest and the mass extinctions gather a pace, we bask in the glory of ego and achievement. A world where the value of values is turned upon its head and economics lead the way to exploiting every last drop of goodness out of the planet. A world without true democracy or meritocracy because exploitation, protectionism, monopolisation and corruption win hands down in a world consumed by economics.


The craziest part of economics is that money is a human invention that in itself has no value, yet it dictates our lives. People die and suffer the most inhumane treatment through no fault of their own beyond circumstance, just because we as humans put fiscal values on commodities and services. So you have to ask the question why? and whether or not it’s right to use money as leverage to justify our actions. On a global level that means should we let people suffer because their countries are poorly resourced and have nothing to offer the global economy. For me the bottom line is that greed is unpleasant when compared to sharing out resources evenly, but sharing can’t be achieved when we live under such a global political dictatorship.


So like it says in the print I’ve tried to dance like that fucker, but now I’m a would be artist that’s stalled by a glimpse at the enormity of truth. Just a one time regular guy exploring creativity within the confines of society until I took that one step beyond. The step which broke my bond to all I thought I knew and exposed a different reality of human endeavour beyond the constraints of the societal matrix. The place of human freedom where intuition and connection to existence reign supreme. A place where there is nothing to prove in the fulfilment of being.


Thanks for looking and I sincerely hope you have a beautiful day 🙂

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  1. Eoghan, wonderfully expressed, please do get in touch, I’d love to have a conversation.


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