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The Art of Purpose

October 25, 2019


I find life to be a pretty intense gig, a life in which the curiosity of my inner dialouge cannot be silenced or satiated with simplicity. This intensity has become my true way of being, reacting to the provocation of a creative search. And whilst this passion is tempered through the occasional creative success it never actually goes away. It’s an enjoyable state of being because I feel challenged and engaged with a credible intent, one that is rewarded through a perception of personal development and growth.


Finding a purpose is the greatest challenge I face as an artist, a purpose which feels authentic and worthy to a lifelong commitment. It’s a fluid search through the evolution and change that this voyage of artistic discovery takes me on. And when I pause to write, it is of a fleeting moment, a transitory train of thought, an aknowledgement of the ephemeral state of existence. A life without definitive answers or purpose beyond an intent and a perceived core of integrity to guide me. A life full of the foibles that the human condition delivers, mistakes and successes, truth and lies, fantasy and actuality. My reality is that I know so little, yet know all I can in this very moment of my existence.


As I work through my existential issues, trying to ditch the unwanted conditioning life has cloaked me with, I close in on what feels like a more meanigful purpose for producing art. An intent which feels more authentic emerges, one that is moving away from the purility of an ego driven by insecurity. Art from a life which runs at a tangent to societies expectations, from a life lived in ordinary circumstance. A proud loser in a society where we’re pitted against each other, racing to be winners in this hierarchical maze so often termed the rat race.


In some ways I feel out on a limb with nothing to prove, yet inside of me something burns away at my core, fuelling this struggle to achieve a greater understanding of existential predicament. My art providing this complex challenge through personal expression, centred on the visceral human experience, of feelings and intuition. A celebration of existence on a planet in circumstances that are beyond true comprehension, a life that is beyond rational or logical explanation. This anarchy and freedom of creativity challenges the very core of a society in which we formalise our existence through the imposition of regulation, where we’re encouraged and conditioned to conform to generalised patterns of behaviour. Society being this great theatre where we act out our lives like method actors in character, never fully cognizant with what lays beyond.


Having been born free, I believe the human soul should remain free, with consciousness and imagination having  no boundaries. And I often wonder if beyond the, prejudice and injustice of so called civilization, humanity would prosper through a more common goal of evolution, a collective cause. Because it seems that humanity is locked in a cycle of empire, through hierarchy, competition and ego, where conflict prevails over pacification. Where is the harmony in this crazy world?


For the artist there’s no template or path to follow when the purpose of your vocation is creative exploration. A profession in which there is a duty to tear down the boundaries and explore every aspect of creativity which materialises in your path. A creative odyssey in which there is no right or wrong or even good or bad, because there is no single criteria for judgment. And so the art of purpose lies within each of us, waiting to be discovered and unleashed.



Thanks for looking and have a great day 🙂


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