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About Eoghan

Eoghan Bridge was born in Edinburgh.  He now lives and works in a small market town in Yorkshire.

Following his degree show in 1985, he exhibited with the Duncalfe Galleries, Harrogate where the art critic for the Evening Standard, Brian Sewell, praised Eoghan’s work and added a bronze sculpture to his own art collection.

Eoghan Bridge’s sculpture is on show at various galleries and international art fairs.

Eoghan has two large bronze public sculptures in the city of Edinburgh.   Rutland Court Horse & Rider, and Silvermills Horse~Rider~Eagle.

He produces sculpture in bronze, ceramic, resin bronze, and aluminium.  He explores the composition between horse and rider, the figure, and abstract form.

He paints, and draws, and more recently has been experimenting with digital giclee prints. 

  1. annerose permalink

    Hi Eoghan
    Your blog is one of my favourites and I’ve nominated you for a One Lovely Blog Award.
    I’m not sure if you do the award thing but just know that I love your blog.
    All the best


  2. Hello Eoghan,

    I enjoyed your ‘Rebel Spirit,’ entry and I’ve seen the photos of your work. You are very talented indeed. Take care. xo


  3. Nancy Newberg permalink

    I am your fan and continues critic who thinks the whole world of you 🙂


  4. Hi Eoghan, My horse lover friend Scilla Sayer has just sent me the link to your most wonderful blog. So happy to have seen more of your work: Deeply impressive.

    Also, I agree with what you passionately write about. I say this because I am a sculptor living a solo existence on a wild block of land in Tasmania, Australia. Should you find the time, please check out some of my work and writing as I feel you will connect with it.

    Cheers, Peter


    • Hi Peter,
      Many thanks for getting in touch and your kind comments, I’ve had a brief look at your link and really enjoyed your considered writing and the beautiful photo’s of your work and environment. I will have a good look later so that I may further understand your work and Ideas.
      Kind Regards Eoghan


  5. Larry beckford permalink

    No comment today


  6. neil holt permalink

    Hi nice web site really enjoyed browsing it! As you know I love your work even if it’s years since I failed to collect the two sculptures! Did you ever find them? An ever hopeful Neil


  7. Teapot permalink

    Hi Eoghan,

    My wife owns three of your pieces, two male figures in various crouches from Solitude I believe, and a fish that I bought her one Christmas, 2012 I think.

    We’ve just discovered that the lower tip of the fishes fin is missing, about 1cm.

    So, the point of this communication is, I’d like to fix the fin, but I don’t have the missing part, and I’m basically looking for ideas.

    Many thanks


    Ps we really do love your pieces.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi David 🙂 Sorry to hear about the Fish, I think I would make the break neat by filing it straight and then find something like a little piece of wood that I could carve to he same shape, I would then drill little holes to pin and glue it. It would be an obvious fix and have a bit of extra charm :))) And Thanks 🙂


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