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The Art of Human Truth

For my entire adult life I’ve struggled and fought for my independence in order to find and hold onto my freedom. The freedom to realise my birth-right as a born free individual, so that I may explore the truth which lays within. It’s not been easy and I’ve become utterly lost many times along the way, but at least for the moment I’m able to tenuously hold onto an element of truth which is increasing my understanding of being.

Fracked 1

It’s a complicated existence in which I have to endure societal assimilation, so that I may understand my circumstance. Whilst rejecting an acceptance of the values of capitalism in order to realise an independent trajectory towards freedom. The consequences of this way of life,  living with my own simplistic values becomes a complicated web of socially counter intuitive reasoning. Where by my decisions fly in the face of common sense, but straight into the arms of intuitive reasoning.

The art of companionship

This trajectory is a result of the invitation art offers me to explore existence without superficial boundaries and I feel utterly compelled to follow it, in order to achieve a substantial meaning to my brief existence. I have tried other approaches to creativity having been groomed within the confines of establishment thinking, but my work was never truly accepted and I never felt comfortable with the values extolled. So I eventually opted for a freestyle approach in which I attempt to be me, but I can tell you it’s far from easy. And I struggle each day to realise the ideas floating around in my conscious thoughts, ideas waiting to materialise through my distracted state of being. Because my conditioning within society has hampered my ability with countless distractions.

The extraordinary act of experiencing adversity

Within the societal approach to art I’m not a team player because I see self realisation as the goal of an artist, in order to demonstrate a unique vision to society. And my path to self realisation is not one which conforms to the current trending of values within the art world. For this reason my struggle to survive on a material level, as an artist has been very hard, with  no help from the established institutions of the art world because of it’s conformist approach. However I am a team player in the bigger picture because I feel we all have a contribution to make to society in order to add to the rich texture of possibility.


My adventure in the arts has been curious to say the least and eventually as an artist I had to ditch all my ambitions and accept a life financially compromised to an extreme in order to get somewhere close to achieving my potential. Because I realised that to become someone I must first accept that I’m no one and from that position I could build a more empirical belief through doing and realising. That I would be the work in progress and humbled by a deeper truth.


In the early days I had no idea what the consequences of my own odyssey would be. My life adventure being the one slot I was sure about, where my energies would exist in this human form. A life where I found the beauty of uncertainty, witnessed in a life of unfolding surprises, delivering priceless treasures of discovery. A life of deep faith in humanity, unplanned and open to possibility so that I could step beyond myself and find something beyond my grasp, something which I was previously incapable of comprehending or imagining.

I don't know what to make of this life

With the art of human freedom there are no convenient markers of achievement because it is a realm of creativity that transcends the simplistic notions of judgment.  A place where uncertainty reigns supreme. And to this extent human expression is neither good or bad, because it is just a human expression free from the constraints of a judgmental society. So as an artist the satisfaction comes from a deeper level of understanding the realisation of human possibility. That is the timeless values of our brief lives which not only relate to planetary existence but also to our cosmic existence as we hurl through space as part of an incredible solar vortex.


Art has been my greatest teacher,teaching me that life is both huge as a cosmological possibility and  also small in the earthly incarnation when hampered by the parameters of social indoctrination. You only have to look at how we as human beings fight on the surface of our planet over the trivialities of resources and the occupation of territory. Corrupted by greed and power in a global hierarchy as we feast needlessly to satiate our greedy appetites. In fact we are all too frequently blinded to the bigger picture and beauty of human existence, agitated through our social indoctrination and held as prisoners to imposed values. Governed by hierarchy, competition and status to the point where we can’t even enjoy exercise without competition.

The Bird Man

We’re actively encouraged to want more in a society governed by questionable values of consumption when in fact the answers to human happiness probably lay in the simplicity of understanding self and nurturing spiritual needs. Because harmony offers a state of being  in which we are realised, at one with our human circumstance on a planetary and cosmological level. Sometimes I just have to remind myself that to breath, eat drink and be sheltered is enough, and to just enjoy the purity and essence of existence. And when I do this I’m able to feel free and unshackled from the expectations of society. After all I’m no better than anyone else and no one is any better than me, because we are equal, just a little different. And those who feel a need to prove they are better than others should ask themselves why they they need to.

Classical Dilemma

These fundamental truths I try to explore through my art have taught me much and it’s what I try to share as my own personal contribution. An exploration of values that may or may not resonate with others, but at least I offer them as an example.

Thanks for looking 🙂

The Art of Transition


851Since I took leave of my common senses and freed myself from the clutches of a society which held me in the arms of discomfort, I’ve found my own way of being. A way of being which encompasses the philosophical, intellectual  and spiritual aspects of my intuitive creative drive. To the point that I’m now able to grow and evolve as an artist, (a little bit more) free from the constraints and imposition of societal expectation. I now feel less burdened and able to think with the freedom my existence demands of me. It’s like I’ve found my own clearing where I can at last breath fresh air once again and pursue what I feel is important. That is the understanding of aloneness as part of the human condition and togetherness too, and how these states of being correlate through interaction and how they connect. Because everything works together in a most peculiar way to make the whole, of which we are all constituent parts.

The issues I have is that art opened my eyes to a point where I saw two truths, firstly the common sense truth of society in which we jump through the hoops set out for us, by following established protocols and traditions. Rules and regulations of generalised formality which we are conditioned into following, rules which hold us in their grip for no great reason beyond social control. And secondly I became aware of my own intuitive truth, how I felt inside at the complexity of my own existence, a deep reality in which there are no rules or parameters to my possibilities. Just the vast chasm of infinite possibility waiting to be entered and explored so that I may discover something new.


I remember once feeling a level of shame at my inability to understand and obey rules but there was simply nothing I could do about it which is why I turned my back on institutions and opted for the life of an outsider. During my time at college and the few occasions which I worked for and with others, I always felt compromised like a prisoner and restricted by my environment. Which is why I seek the freedom art offers to my delicate soul, and because (in my opinion) art is a dish best served without compromise.

Throughout my life I recall countless conversations and meetings in which my values clashed with those whom I was interacting with, simply because the authentic nature of art cannot be shaped into  a state of convenience. And my thinking had been governed by my dedication to the pursuit of a thought process looking into an uncompromised approach to art. It’s not about being right or wrong either it’s simply about the difference of approach which life offers us, different ways of seeing and interpreting the same scenario. So I tried to avoid confrontations which had no way of being resolved through the different ways of seeing and I only showed a certain aspect of my art in the belief that I had to lead a compromised existence in order to exist on a material level. This was partly down to the pressure to survive and also a fear of being exposed. But it impacted upon my art and slowly it started to limit my process and effectively repressed my art and my state of being, which is why I pursue my re-engagement with art with such tenacity.


Even from the margins, a dichotomous life of two truths evolved from the constant dissatisfaction which occurred through the marketing of my art in the commercial world. Because my truth was always compromised for the convenience of a system in which the collectors and patrons are prioritized over the artist, through the watchful eyes of the dealers who become the judge and jury of acceptable art. You see art isn’t some commodity of convenience with a guaranteed outcome and there is an inherent risk to the unpredictable act of the truth which creativity invites. Because of this risk  artists are encouraged and groomed into producing what is in fact anti-art, signature art in a style, aimed at satisfying the simplistic predictability of a market. Objet d’art for a vast and elitist commodities market in what is often a show of vanity through the bragging rights of acquisition and distorted price tags. A world in which the truth of art and it’s purpose becomes lost in diluted conversations of taste. When in fact art has nothing to do with taste and what would look nice in a nice house.

In effect artists are pitted against each other by the hierarchical structures of the art world, through the various competitions and market place pecking orders, in what is nothing more than a distraction from the fundamental notions and impulses which inspire art. For we must remember that the interpretation of art is subjective and cannot be quantified by a simplistic criteria of assessment. So we have to remember that art is a human expression, a communication to society from the perspective of an equal who cares deeply enough to share their thoughts. And yet art is packaged by society with scant regard for its true value, because we are blinded by our conditioning. So we are encouraged to objectify art with economic values and blindly follow the industry shakers and the market stock, which makes art more symbolic as opposed to offering the intrinsic values of equality. Thus making artistic expression complicated for artists, because there is a conflict of values and interests, which affect the production of art and the ways of seeing art. In effect the myth makers triumph with the weight of the establishments backing, because through suggestion we all fall into line.


The whole point of my blogging and personal journey as an artist is to become one with my thoughts and creative output, so that I may understand my life better and offer something of value to the mix. To feel a level of self-realisation and spiritual freedom, so that I may enter a state in which I can think with clarity and create with a purity of intent. Just thinking without the structures, parameters and ideologies of conformist societal imposition feels like a liberation. And so as an artist I try to explore whatever I desire in whatever way I choose, further more I can share it freely without worrying how it’s received. Feeling alone enough for autonomy yet connected enough to be relevant in my own mind, because we are all fundamentally alone in our togetherness.

As I’ve become more liberated from the clutches of society, I’ve lost my  ambition and expectation because I’ve started to live out my truth. Effectively no longer in the rat race, having left the competition, because of the realisation of my own truth. Once out of the arena of competition  you can just relax and explore a singular truth. A truth in which you can’t be better or worse than any other individual because we are all different. So you enter the moment by which you follow your intuition and impulse and in my own case start to live a satisfactory life, exploring a purpose without distraction. No longer cajoled by society, or governed by expectations beyond my capabilities.

Once empowered by autonomy, ways of seeing alter and perspectives change from the compromised collective vision to a singular vision, as you start to make sense of the world you experience. And for me this is the real beauty of making art, the liberation of self in which your journey is recorded through an oeuvre and you’re even able to share it. It’s really about the empowerment it gives you to explore and understand the fundamentals of the human condition and realise a deeper philosophical understanding of existence, as a life-long scholar. And for me art is that profound and one of the deepest ways of penetrating the human soul and understanding the profound nature of actuality. The cosmic secrets which lay within our entirety, beyond the grasp of societies rules and regulations. You see art is about flying into the realms of impossibility and exploring the freedom of the soul, so that you may take comfort in understanding your being.


The actuality of life is virtually impossible through the chance nature by which we come into existence, improbable yet inevitable and our survival and experience is the culmination of chances beyond mathematical prediction. But we must take this for granted and become the proud owners of our life, something so complex and magical that it would be a sin not to celebrate and explore it. To be open to the wonderous nature of our brief occupation and to be able to express ourselves with openness, so that we become liberated from fear and judgment. This way we get the chance to realise our human potential without the constraints and restrictive practice of socially engineered imposition. That by understanding acute aloneness, what it is to exist in the singularity of our own being, we may in fact feel a greater level of connectedness, simply because there is nothing to hide behind. No barriers or fears through which we may feel vulnerable.


From the position I’ve ended up in, out-with the mainstream of society I now feel able to comfortably explore the circumstance of my own existence and connect to my own sentient perceptions. To trust my feelings and impulses, which I may record through my work or maybe just contemplate. It’s almost like a stripped down life in which I try to avoid the copious details of societal dogma, so that enough of my mind is free. You see as I’ve liberated myself from the clutches of society I’ve felt lighter as I cast away my burdens and I no longer feel imprisoned by these expectations. Neither do I feel compelled to have opinions about matters which really don’t concern my conscious state. Because my identity no longer rests upon what are the transitory opinions of the moment.

I’ve always believed that the gift of life is quite beautiful and that inside of us all we must feel that beauty of existence, as we breathe the oxygen from the air, hydrate our bodies with water  and awaken each day to the light of the sun. You see on this level there is an utter simplicity in which we can truly appreciate our brief existence. A life stripped bare in which you realise that what lays beyond the requisite  essentials of survival needs to be put into perspective. Though somehow this all seems to become lost with the overwhelming burden of stuff society imposes. And our beauty is often corrupted by the imposition of divisive dogma, be it hierarchy, ownership, confrontation, competition, survival of the fittest, corruption, exploitation, greed, war, famine and destruction. And when you analyse the reasoning behind the structures and protocols of society you discover the logic and common sense of maintaining systems through social engineering. A civilization of people distracted from their mysteriously organic states of being held firmly in the grip of society. And so we become estranged and forced into the rat race, because we have no choice, corrupted against our will, even if we disagree with codes of practice. A state of being in which it’s hard to find true satisfaction or a clear conscience because of the methodology of competition. Be it victory at the expense of a loser or profit at the expense of exploitation, because there is a hollowness if you have to establish your status at the expense of others. As an artist I’ve grown to realise that equality means everything to me and through equality I’ve found a key ingredient to my inner peace. Because I no longer feel driven or intimidated by the efforts of others, as I happily explore my own contributions to art.

And so as an artist I feel comforted by the inner beauty of my soul and whatever life throws at me because I know deep inside that I’m connected to something beyond. That which I experience when I stand with my feet rooted to the ground, gazing into the infinity above and breathing the oxygen from the air. Maybe at night when the stars are shining, or maybe under the intense light of he sun or even the contrast of stormy conditions. Connected to the simple wonders of existence without the need for it to be complicated with meaningless distraction.

Have a beautiful day ❤


Everything Is Interesting

As an artist I question everything to death including myself, I simply can’t help it. So when I write I just share my thoughts of the moment, reflecting the process of my creativity. Why who knows, tomorrow I may feel completely different, I may have changed or grown from todays experiences. And if it’s been a bruising day I may have even diminished somewhat by retreating into an established zone of comfort. Life is like that for me, a life in which nothing is set in stone. Because art has taught me through its uncompromising brutality, where an expression is exposed as the some of its parts. It tells the truth of intent and demonstrates the who, the what and the why of self. So I edge my way through life with the companionship of the relentless thoughts over flowing in my mind, questions without answers and the myriad of reactive responses to my sensory experiences. All of which make up the complicated equations of my expressed gestures, gestures which more often than not lead to profound disappointments. Disappointments which force me to go back and try again, to try harder the next time so I may get it right and be released from the spell of intense turmoil, which life has cast upon me.


Yes this artists life has taught me many things, such as how little I know and how my own significance is at the same time utterly insignificant in he broader context of infinite infinity. One important lesson to date from my creative pursuits has been that of learning to momentarily ignore everything so that I may feel and experience my own existence. The time to quietly contemplate my own sentient experience without the need to articulate or explain my state within the narrow parameters of language and tradition. In fact to just be, without any other needs what so ever, as a self-contained entity, thinking laterally beyond language and narrative

Though I must say that living in this time, our time, where meaninglessness seems to proliferate,  we are subject to an unparalleled level of distraction from the core of our existence. As capitalism delivers escapist and sentimental ideologies through a strange and curious form of cultural imperialism. A world in which we celebrate the glamour of cultural icons, delivering messages of unreality that we may aspire to. And I wonder if there could be a greater purpose in life than aspiring  to being cool and awesome 🙂 . Paid up members, buying the merchandise as a ticket to ride in the big time. Of course I have no answers, only reactions to the broader circumstances which influence and permeate my consciousness. And so I don’t look to change anything with my art, but I do try to explore an alternative narrative. A different way of being within the huge global system, in which I may at least open a few eyes through my attempts at sincerity.

Through my involvement in the art world I’ve grown aware of values imposed through capitalism which I feel undermine the fundamental values of our origins. And whilst it may appear to be progress on a technological level there is another side (well there are many sides) to the story which could be characterised by the concept of Disneyfication, in which the raw truth of reality is sacrificed for a more shallow platitudinal sentiment. A sanitized vision in which the simplification of human complexity offers the reassurance of understanding our condition. Where the complexity of the randomly asymmetric charm of life is replaced by a formulaic simplification. I see it as the dumbing down of humanity into a benign mass of (virally) imprisoned souls. The disempowered masses forced into obedience through a fundamental dissociation from the complex core values which make us question motive and purpose.


Sometimes I even feel the art world has all but sold out to the values of capitalism and instead of art leading through cultural inspiration, it merely follows with the waves of fashion designed to refresh the scene. And in one sense this is fine, because through obedience and compliance you can live happily as a consumer and purveyor of culture, with a little soulful sacrifice. The only problem is that when you look a little deeper you become aware of the simplicity which global generality imposes upon us all. That’s we the complex human characters so full of potential, being diluted for the convenience of questionable ideologies. Making humanity an unfulfilled  landscape of broken dreams. And I feel trapped in this landscape, fighting against the tide which is sweeping me towards a benign state of being, as I try to piece my own broken dreams back together.

Art is like a tonic for me and can be beautiful for the soul because it gives you the opportunity to explore what is and what could be. Because art can access and permeate life through its fundamental philosophical nature. Art has no boundaries and stands before us as a provocation in which we are empowered to react and invited to feel a response. You see art is without rules and stands as a beacon of anarchy and freedom, the wild side that is within us all. I myself also enjoy reacting to art and am often fascinated by artists and institutions putting anything in art galleries and calling it art. Because I find it profoundly significant if only it tells us that everything is interesting. Or at least it is for me because what being an artist has taught me is just that. That everything is indeed, most interesting in a world which is also amazing, for complex beasts such as ourselves to explore. And here is the crux of my point about life and art, that from the stillness of being we can appreciate everything because everything is amazing. And to realise this all you need to do is pick something up or just observe what is near, mind-blowing isn’t it. Well I think so, to the point where I believe that everything is art, such as a leaf being an expression of nature or a mini vortex suspending debris momentarily in the air.


It’s only recently that I’ve started to comprehend the archetypal struggles of being an artist and how complicated it is to set yourself free.  But this journey is a right of passage and finding freedom is the reward, empowerment through creative emancipation. And so exploring my truth by questioning the truths imposed upon me in the arena of society has had a positive outcome. I guess my agitated soul made me question absolutely everything in search of the authenticity and truth which leads to meaningfulness. Something which makes my life feel real and present with a true connection to a soulful purpose. Empowering  me to present what I feel is genuine art to my society, art which is full of meaning and relevance to the reality of my existence. Because I see life as am immersive experiential placement, with a reality defined through sensory perception. Life as an act of devotion to the gift of life itself in which respect overrules compromise and dilution. An existence which I feel should override the linear imposition of societal dogma so that we may discover our truth and freedom. The timeless nature of this existence so full of mystery and secrets, best described as an unquantifiable  phenomenon.


Returning to the title of this blog entry “everything is interesting”, I recently found myself behind a camera and on looking through the lens was taken by how interesting everything in this magical world appeared to be. It was one of those moments when I felt able to accept and react to whatever I saw in a detached way, and so I focused on a piece of litter, a leaf and a piece of concrete. I realised that each of these objects had their own qualities and reasons for existence, their own texture,  own way of absorbing/reflecting light and also their own hidden microscopic truths. In fact everything is layered with meaning and history, all connected into the huge whole that is. Is being everything that we perceive as well as all that which we are incapable of perceiving. Yes I was on holiday ) and being by the sea and in the rain I also thought about how interesting water is. How it can exist as a droplet, a puddle, a snowflake, a piece of ice, an ice sculpture, an ocean, steam or even a stain. And it struck me that out of simple elemental possibility there is infinite possibility, which is really what my art is about. Such as can be seen with my exploration of equestrian composition, the simple combination of the human and the horse, explored without boundaries. So as an artist one is able to start with a single expression and through time slowly weave out a rich tapestry from the centre in every direction, with infinite permutations.

As an artist one is faced with the enormity of the blank canvas, able to reject or accept anything, and even head out on utterly random paths, simply because everything is interesting. So in the practice of art, an artist can be faced with the enormity of knowing, that infinite possibility awaits a process of selection which feels right in the moment. But deep down there is also the understanding that there is no single solution and that a decision is no more than a marker in time. A marker which will no doubt be subject to the future scrutiny of an evolving state of being as well as the changing mood of moment as we re-invent and evolve through time. Because of this I feel that there can never be any lasting satisfaction without complacency, which is why art becomes so compelling for a truly committed artist.


Now in the reality of my present I find myself locked in a struggle to express myself without the distraction of an end product and without a care for how my work is received. Because I’ve realised that art must be a free expression and need not be affiliated with any other practice or tradition, particularly if it is imposed upon with negative distractions. And the consequences of my ideological struggles is that I will finally be establishing my own website through which I will be able to show the work of my choice and even offer it for sale. How this will affect my work I do not know, but I’m sure as hell excited by the prospect.

In the past I’ve been frustrated that much of my life has been detached from its purpose and I’ve got nowhere near my latent potential, something I apportion to the compromise society imposes. And something which I assume full responsibility for, because I didn’t awaken to my own responsibilities. The problem I feel is that art requires the gentle sensitivities of the human soul to be able to explore and understand without disturbing the fabric. To be immersed and experience the realities so that there may be a reactive expression through art, the cause and effect of creativity. However this vulnerability, the very strength of an artist can become the flaw through which society entraps the free spirit. But it’s the responsibility for the artist to ride through the storms of experience and find their own path and reasons to create, through a cocktail of reactionary instinct and soulful purpose.

However it is this very feeling of inadequacy and under achievement which fuels my determination to keep going in the hope that one day I will truly exist within my own moment and attain a level of potential that will satisfy my soul. You see, it’s not easy being an artist 🙂 . Which I hope is expressed through my blogs, which have become an inclusive element of my art, an expression from the moment, encompassing my creative thoughts. And so when you read one of my blogs I would hope that it gives a level of insight into the cognitive and spiritual content of my endeavours as a visual artist. And the struggles I encounter on the long road to freedom.

PS- I deleted some earlier images to make space for this blog on my rather full blog page 🙂

  Thank you for looking and have a beautiful day ❤


A Link to my New Blog


Here’s the link to my new blog theartofeoghanbridge   I do hope some of you will tune in and if not many thanks for all the contributions here.

Bye for now  Eoghan  xxx

The Art of Transparency


Having used all the storage space of my old WordPress blog, I’ve decided to set up a new one, so that I can continue to share my life experience as an artist.  I’ve called it “theartofeoghanbridge” I’m not sure if there will be spaces between the words and it’s on WordPress.  I just feel after much soul searching, that there is more to art than the act of making art, as creativity challenges many artists to form a profound philosophical interpretation of life. Plus I now feel that it’s better to express and explore creativity in as broad a way as is possible, which for me now includes writing.


I believe that art should have a profound intent and offer something worthwhile and of value to society which is why I strive to maintain my integrity and create art based on the truth as I see it. And it is my hope that by continuing to write I will eventually be able to articulate with a candid freedom about all matters which arise through my endeavour. Just to say it like it is without fear and in so doing, I hope to free myself further from the restraints of societal limitation, so that I’m able to make art without compromise or fear. The art of the unshackled man 🙂


Through my blog I like to venture beyond the myths and stereotypes heaped upon the practice of art and expose the harsh reality in which artists such as myself struggle in the pursuit of earnest expression. To demonstrate that art is not just about the celebrated flamboyant gestures of Picasso and Dali, but also a heart-felt torment in the struggle to find the means to express ones self. That art can be a humble and subtle expression without style or fame, but steeped in substance in he exploration of deep feelings and intent. That art doesn’t have to be some grandiose gesture lauded over by the high and mighty for its sumptuous qualities, labelled masterpieces and fought over in the vulgarity of the pubic auctions. Because art can take many forms which is why I believe it’s imperative that societies take a broader approach to promote and understand the true essence of art and the purpose it holds for humanity and community. To find the value of art and the empowerment it can offer to people through an open engagement. Art redefined to reflect the growing consciousness of contemporary life, as humanity struggles to find an identity following the significant changes of circumstance.


As an artist I feel it’s imperative for me to share my work in this imperfect world in which there is systematic failure for the showcasing of art. In my particular case the system and institutions in Britain have let me down, time and time again and given me no opportunity to share my work beyond the confines of a very limited reach. Had I not the purpose and utmost determination I would have been broken by now and God knows I’ve been close. A life shackled by the dogmatism of a corrupt hierarchical structure in which truth and integrity are compromised to maintain the status quo. A life held in penury by the stupidity of an economic system which curtails the freedom of expression for ordinary people, all because I want to make authentic art. Art not confined by beauty and flattery and the escapist ideologies which pander to the system and it’s forced evolution. Art without the simplistic conceptual restraints of expectation because I feel art with an unexpected narrative is the source of my inspiration. Art which is true to my life and experience, art based on the truth of my perception and understanding of life and society. The art of uncertainty as a reflection of our shared reality, the art of mystery reflecting the reality of existence.  I dared to make art that was different and shunned the fashions of my time, bypassing the zeitgeist, the viral hook and all the incredulous phenomenon of the moment to realise my own timeless vision.


As a British artist I feel that I’ve at times been repressed by a nanny state in which conservatism is championed by a deceitful hierarchy, beautiful art for an ugly reality. A nation of two truths, from English respectability as with our tremendous pride in cricket and the Queensberry rules, verses the barbaric land grabbing and oppression for personal gain. The pride of empire at the expense of cultural decimation, held together by a patriotic sensibility, all masking an insidious oppression. Which is why when I consider the art I make, I look to explore the truth and it goes from ugly to beautiful, from understanding to mystery and from control to anarchy. But my art is not some simplistic exercise of being nice and saying what a wonderful world we inhabit. So I flirt with danger and destruction whilst also celebrating the intimate beauty of being. Art from a broad perspective in which I try to encompass the complex diversity of being, that gritty truth of an unprotected life in the midst of society. Art crafted to stir a reaction and provoke a thought which will cut through sensibility and expose a deeper human truth, art about awakening from the grip of society. Awakening so that the experience of life may touch more deeply on the intuitive nature of being, as opposed to being guided through the manipulation of society.

Gliding through a storm

I no longer feel tied to expectation or style and as such am free to explore art how I see fit, as I wrestle to overcome my many limitations. But I refuse to live out my life bathing in mediocrity, selling my integrity for the physical comforts society offers. Yes I could have been far more successful in terms of societal achievement if I’d compromised, but a life without truth feels like a lie and I’m unable to lie to myself and waste my life and potential. So I chose the success of my art, a life in search of innovation and originality in an acknowledgement of the unique gift of life we each hold. However the price you pay for being different is high, almost like a punishment which becomes a battle of wills. And sometimes you can suffer for years, a life of indescribable stress which makes you physically ill. Every day the financial pressure hanging over you as you try to realise your artistic possibility, unable to afford materials and with no emotional support for your efforts and beliefs. Your body and mind tied in knots, knowing full well that there is no solution or answers to your plight, beyond the work you produce. You just have to ride out the storm and hope that the next day will be kinder, even the next month and at the lowest level, you just live in hope that maybe next year things will be better. I find it hard to describe this embattled feeling as you cling on to a belief  that your work has great merit even though no one else supports this. Clinging on to the ideals and beauty of existence in the corrosive pit of society and so that your life doesn’t become embittered by adversity. So that you can make art without petty prejudice and truly live your life by exploring the possibilities of your existence. To live out a life in a society where there is no meritocracy and the term democracy is just a myth to pacify the masses. Art can be a savage master as it slowly unveils a truth, to souls such as myself, yet I still see my existence as a great gift and feel honoured and privileged to live a life as an artist.


As an artist I feel I’ve grown up stuck in the middle of a dichotomous society, dependent on the upper echelons of the community, with a reality which puts me economically at the bottom of the hierarchy. Caught in a world that places expectations upon the unexpected nature of creativity and places the survival of artists at the mercy of the establishment.  A system which subordinates artists and indirectly directs their direction. And so I have a problem that I cannot reconcile, because I need to live a life of integrity in a system which doesn’t reward it and that is not easy. A life spent exhibiting cherry picked work in galleries that ironically I myself could not afford to buy from. A life of utter contradiction in which the truths are avoided through the beautification or controlled radicalization of art, as escapist romantic nonsense, when in fact our reality is a broad experience of adversity. So I live a life in which the breadth of my voice as an artist is silenced, unable to share my work and ideas candidly because of the conservatism of the art world. Almost afraid to admit the truth of who I am and why I make art, because of the inconvenience. Quite simply I have no desire to conveniently slot into the lineage of the art world, a lineage contrived for convenience as a vital pillar for society. And the longer I have to exist in the margins the more radicalized I become as a free thinking artist.

There is a lot of good  but there is also a lot wrong with my society and yet I feel we are held by a misguided sense of patriotism and if we dare to question we are seen as disloyal. But from my twisted experience as a struggling artist in Britain, I feel there has been very little support and so I’ve grown quite critical. A nation which I think fails its people on so many levels through the dogmatic  approach of the establishment in who’s interest it is to keep us from evolving both spiritually and intellectually. An educational system based on a simplistic approach to life of telling, steering the masses away from the breadth of human potential to the confines of societal usefulness and conformity. It seems crazy but we sacrifice the greatest human resources of consciousness, freedom and creativity for the maintenance of a system and social order. To maintain a hierarchy only because it exists and because it’s convenient to uphold an establishment no matter how corrupt it is. What about community and compassion, inclusivity and sharing, what about equality and the welfare of humanity and environment.

So whilst my reality is a desperate struggle to survive on a material level it is also a source of inspiration because it allows me to see the world from a very basic level, without any preferential treatment. So I see what lies beneath and because of this my art is a whole lot more profound than a celebration of material comfort in a wonderful society. Because of my material instability I live on an edge which sharpens my focus and thinking and it allows me to question everything and take nothing on face value. So I make the art of a common man, aimed at being understood by anyone, because the world has forgotten that art is not for the elite. It may have been once but if the whole of society is to progress it can only be through the empowerment of the entire population and so art must relinquish elitism. Art liberated from the elite and made fit for all the people so that democracy and meritocracy can exist throughout society with substance. Only then can we dream of transparency and a single truth running throughout society. Surely nations existing without secrecy should be a realistic outcome of  evolution and democracy, something which is almost unimaginable under present conditions. Or is the notion of civilization a myth as nations battle each other for the spoils.

I for my sins am a second generation artist and my whole life has been immersed in art. I have heard so many conversations and witnessed so much of the art world from behind the scenes that it has influenced my thinking. And eventually it turned me away from the system and the ego based rhetoric of artists who spend so much time debating within the confines of the art world, because I felt it created a detachment from the ordinary state of being. I believe there is much pretence in the art world and that it’s been hijacked by certain elements of society, used as a pawn in what is nothing less than a game. And in a sense artists are forced to become complicit in conforming to expectation, simply because there is little alternative unless you wish to experience hardship. I unwittingly chose the red pill so that I could live out my life in a bullshit free zone, free from all that I felt would restrain my search. Though I must qualify my words here by saying that it’s not for me to pass judgement upon the choice of others, because there is no right way round in how I see life. And all I write is based on my singular opinion as I struggle to find myself as an artist

And so in a brief summary of my art and life I feel I have at least achieved a level of clarification which loosely pins my life together as a coherent whole. A life in which I always felt a little different and detached from my peers, because I felt compelled to seek a more penetrating understanding of my existence and circumstance. A deeper and true connection based on some kind of substance that felt tangible. Though now I realise that in life we can’t truly hold on to anything because of the ephemeral nature of life itself. As a younger man I didn’t want to be bowled over with information overload but instead wanted to experience life and acquire an empirical wisdom based on my own truth. And for a long time I just lived a simple life and made art which reflected my inner truth through an intuitive calling. I didn’t need to question myself to destruction or even understand the wider implications of why I made the work I did. So it was only later in life that my world fell apart in as much as I felt caught between two realities and that my soul purpose had become compromised.

Now I feel I’m starting to understand my work and its purpose, the dissonance and the vibration leading to division. A slight awkwardness, the harmony of calamity and also the beauty of simplicity all coming together to create a whole which does one thing. And that one thing is to raise a question, an invitation to look beyond the surface and contemplate what lies beneath. That asks you how you feel about yourself in the adversity of society. A question focused on awakening and in that sense my work tells or shows nothing beyond a way of seeing for yourself. To maybe stop you in your tracks momentarily through the unexpected, so that you may consider how you feel inside beyond the confines of society. And perhaps my work has a depth and I would hope that there is a reassurance from my professionalism and dedication to integrity which allows the required level of trust. You see I have no great wisdom or vision to offer beyond a modest insight into life from the perspective of a questioning soul engaged in a search for a personal truth through art. As can be seen with my writing, I feel that I’ve nothing to hide and my art is equally transparent. And if there is a deeply hidden meaning I’m not aware of it beyond my acknowledgment of life’s great mystery

So thats it 😦 my blog space all used up, not even any room for all the images I wished to share, I do hope that some people will jump across to my new blog. “theartofeoghanbridge” But for those that don’t goodbye and thanks for everything.

❤ ❤ ❤

Current Status (Free Plan 99.6 % of 3GB plan used)

A Momentary Fixation

I will attempt to conclude my blog with the remaining 0.4% of space I have here on WordPress, because I feel that this chapter of my life is over and I need to move forward. To move away from all that has been holding me back so that I may explore my creativity with my new-found freedom. Because I feel a need to create without the negativity I felt had invaded my life as I became consumed by ways alien to my inherent nature. Having redefined art for myself I now have to walk that walk and learn to embrace silence once again. To live out my life in the pursuit of defining my own truth and reason for being, so that I will not feel the frustration of an inadequate and unresolved life. I can live with the fact my work means little to my society, but I will not let the fuckers get me down and remain determined to hold firmly to my beliefs.

Recently I had an epiphany moment and realised that over the past five years I’d actually discovered the pathway to my own reality. A fundamental reality which is all too easy to overlook in the thick of a society which is dependent on conformity and the imposition of ideologies. For me it’s that Eureka moment and whilst I feel excited I also realise that there is no happy ending, for it is just another step up the ladder. And my reality is one in which  I will always feel like I’m caught between two worlds, like the Bridge that I am. Whilst I still maintain that life is a most beautiful tragedy, I believe that we must shine and blossom in our own cycle, before the light fades. The life of a slowly evolving consciousness to be as complete as it is incomplete.

Yes my life will always be full of issues but at least I can feel assured that I’ve considered my options and questioned as much as possible. Though I still can’t help but see the whole art world thing as a bit bullshitty, a puerile dilution of profound philosophical intent, so that art can be picked over like Tapas. Bespoke offerings to flatter the palette of a world blinded by the imposition of societal dogma, in what is a show of indulgent self-adulation. And it’s because I feel like this I must pursue my own agenda and definition of art, the humble art of the questioning soul, realising that there are no answers or absolutes in the pursuit of lives mysteries.

As an artist I’ve experienced significant struggles in my life, caught in a dichotomy between two sets of values. Those imposed upon me by society and those I feel define a fundamental truth which I experience through my creativity. Something which has always torn me apart, caught between two worlds, believing in one and dependent upon the other for material needs and some assurance. Then finally I realised that I’m alone, that nobody could understand me if I didn’t understand myself, furthermore I realised that the advice and influence of others was only deviating my direction further from my own path. So my answer was to respond to the actuality of my own solitary existence and resolve my issues through an internal dialogue in which I hoped to find an authentic truth. To find satisfaction from the pursuit of personal endeavour and learn to believe in self, so that I may identify the merit of my practice and offer something wholesome through my art. However I also understand that everything is relative and so there can be no benchmark of success or failure and in this light my art is merely an offering. An offering beyond the vagaries of subjective  judgmental opinion and yet open to the multiple aspects of varying interpretation.


It’s an awkward state of being for the artist and quite punishing, because the message of my art is all about gaining insight into humanity. To strip away the veneer and confront a truth which I feel is almost taken away by traditions, customs and the philosophical ethos of societies. The awkward truths of actuality which are far too often denied by the imposition of conventional wisdom. Which makes it hard for us to awaken to the mystery of our spiritual existence and hard for us to live our lives in the true spirit we feel inside. So a part of my work is about agitating the perception of our whole in order to create a space to think and question what is often taken for granted through assumption. Something I do through distortion, division and dissonance and of course my search for originality, so that I may offer something fresh. Though I realise that I have no universal answers, but instead answers to the questions posed by the circumstance of my own existence. Which is why I celebrate mystery with my work and attempt to follow my intuition with a level of humility.

But this hold on visual dysfunction is tenuous and varied in my work, as I look to my extremes in search of creative fulfilment. And no matter how far I push, it never seems enough to satisfy me and that is because there are no limits. Yet limits are imposed upon our lives and thoughts, through the omnipresent values championed by society. But as I reflect upon my work I realise that I’m at least managing to express the way I feel about life and what I feel is important to our existence, at a time when globalisation is suppressing our individuality. The globalisation which is responsible for delivering generality and disconnection to our daily lives.

As an artist who finally became caught up within the system, I found that part of me had to be silenced to get on that and part of my oeuvre must be quashed. And whilst I though I was maintaining a truth, it was just a mere illusion and the reality is that my art had become compromised and diluted. But my art is my life long companion and the focus of my life force, so I was unable to make the ultimate sacrifice. Which is why I endure this personal struggle and face up to the consequences and it’s also why I chose to live a more withdrawn life. It’s still a crazy life in which part of my work is exhibited and sold and the other part remains unseen because of the institutional conservatism we are subjected to.


My work can’t just exist in the vein of singular idealistic gestures because there is more to our lives and truthful art (in my opinion) must expose the breadth of human experience, if it is to resonate beyond being a sycophantic back slapping exercise. Now I realise that after thirty years I’m not going to get that break which will allow me to showcase my work to the world. And so I will withdraw from the folly of such dreams and return to my reclusive ways. I’ve shared my thoughts and work on the internet for long enough and have grown to realise the futility of casting it out into the great abyss.

I still believe the beauty of art is that it can set you free as a human being, because the laws of creativity cannot be defined, controlled or delineated beyond  a questionable consensus of opinion. And because of this you are free to interpret the very definition of art, how you see fit. Though it’s not exactly a picnic in the park as freedom can also be a curse, because  a life without boundaries within the restrictions of society is at best awkward. You see, I feel  we’re pretty much brought up and socially engineered by the mechanisms of society which imposes concepts of restricted practice in quite a prescriptive way. And as we know art and creativity can be about an adventure into the unknown.

I was hoping this would be a simple blog, but alas it’s not to be, you see I was wanting to explain how through exploring imagery I was able to deconstruct perceptions of being and identify the fluidity of truths and realities. The parallel narratives of life, depicting who we are in society and who we actually are to ourselves, as defined in the insularity of our own absolute reality and existence. And it is who we are that interests me as an artist, because in defining self, beyond the reactions and interference of others, is where I feel the truth of my existence lies. So my art is not directed by reaction but instead generated from a deep belief within and in that sense it can exist without ever being seen by others.  And right now I feel strong enough to once again, pursue my art in isolation, to live without validation and explore my philosophical odyssey with a level of purity. And so I will continue to subsidise my work through the sale of a few sculptures and prints whilst maintaining my focus on what feels like a profound intent of truth.


Fundamentally I feel that art is about empowerment of the individual, a liberating force through which we get to take an unguarded peek at ourselves. Which is why I choose the path I’m on and I just hope that my personal liberation through art comes across in an inspirational way. My message being that everyone is not only worthy but also capable, and deserving of equality. That we should be classless and free to enjoy the possibilities of our shared existence.

So my issues as an artist have become condensed into something fairly simplistic (for now at least) and I can march forward, because everything feels to be in its right place. But most reassuringly for me is the fact that I’ve emerged from a sate of feeling lost in my own ruins, to one of being found and able to move forward with some assurance and self-belief. In my own life I feel like I’ve climbed a mountain but to the world I’ve barely stumbled over my shoelace. At least I can now write, draw, sculpt and talk in an open and honest way and proudly take ownership of all my actions. However the most important development for me is the clarity which has returned to my ways of seeing and from this I can make my art with the certainty art requires.

The process of healing is complicated but vital, in order to overcome the bruising experiences we endure within our societies. And in the end, life is really born out of our abilities to deal with life long adversity. I for my part have wrestled with the contradictory influence society has placed upon my soul and at long last found a way of seeing through it all. Seeing through to the cosmic reality of our existense as we hurtle through infinite space, aboard our solar vortex. An existence bound by the sensory limitations bestowed upon our gift of human mortality, but none the less, still  challenging. Sometimes I even wonder what lies beyond my perceptive possibilities and scale, because I feel the mystery which lies beyond my grasp. And at least for now I’ve loosened the grip  of, the restrictive practice of social order, and found a freedom and motivation beyond. So that I can work as an artist outside of the restrictions which had a stranglehold over me. To this extent art is serving me well as I stumble towards a freedom in which I can think and evolve without conforming to the distractions of trivialised  societal invention. And ultimately my success in human terms will not be measured through a status within my society but through my own feelings based on my own connection to the life force that runs through me.  To further simplify my ambition I would say that it centres around achieving a solitary freedom so that I may think with clarity.


I have space for one more blog which I will write when I’ve decided  what I’ll do with my online presence, So for now thank you very much, ❤ ❤ ❤

Sadly my blog storage is all used up :(

Sadly my storage here is almost all used 😦 there may be enough space for one or two more blogs and then I will have to abandon my blog because I can’t afford to pay for extra space. I’m in my fith year of blogging and have enjoyed it very much but 3 gigabytes it is.

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride for me and one in which I’ve found my direction once again. Though my fate in the real world is at best appalling and must be addressed so that I can afford to live with some dignity and maybe even buy some materials for my art.

I have to say thanks for all the support over the years and I just hope that by openly sharing my thoughts and art here that it was mutually beneficial. I guess in a way I found myself as an artist and that my time on the internet is naturally coming to an end. I’ve already abandoned Facebook and with wordpress to follow it’s only a matter of time before I leave linkedin and then I’m out. Maybe then I can focus on my every day reality and hopefully find some way of showing my work in the real world.

I feel I’ve shared a deep truth and explained my circumstancial reality of being an artist in the twenty-first century and in that sense I’ve given all I can. And if fate is kind to me then maybe at some point in the future I will be able to buy some blog storage space and return.

I’m really going to miss it 😦


Against the odds




lifes Battles


Looking at You 1


lost in Despair


Midnight Rider 1


may peace be upon you




sometimes I wonder


The story of a haunted man


when the marimba rythm starts to play


The wonders of metaphor



Defining Art

The Chase

After nearly thirty years of producing art I realised that I was following a belief based on conventional wisdom and an engrained conceptual notion of art, which was based on generalities. Because I’d never actually challenged the definition of art from an empirical standpoint in which I made art before defining it as art. Knowing without truly understanding because as so often is the case, knowledge can be based on assumption and conditioning.  So in my sudden realisation I questioned if “art” may in fact be something other that what I assumed it to be. It wasn’t an over-night awakening, but more a gradual realisation that art in society is in fact manipulated to fit within a contemporary context and essentially compromised. Making art a moveable feast, whilst remaining constant in adhering to certain dogmatic principles of universal agreement.

Alone Together

Now when I look at a dictionary definition of art, I can never agree with what I read, because it simply doesn’t describe either my intent or my practice as an artist. I didn’t choose to be in this predicament, but instead it fell upon me through my circumstances as an artist who asked too many questions. Questions which I had to ask because of my marginalisation as an artist in my own society, in which my contribution is overlooked and ignored. I believe there are reasons why I’ve struggled, because as an artist I’m unable to impose an absolute framework or guaranteed outcome. And I can’t offer this because I realise that uncertainty is a key ingredient to my art and that compromise is unacceptable for the purpose of ingratiation. Because if my art is to flow freely then my circumstances must allow it to.

The Art of Expression

The issues and struggles which emanated from the rejection of my art made me question the role of the establishment in its support of art and artists. It also made me question the western notion of art, both historically and in a contemporary context and to be quite honest it didn’t hold up. The more I questioned art in society from an objective perspective, the more I realised just how contrived our notions of art are and how they reflect and support the structures of society. And as my own art contradicted the actuality of my life within the art world I became caught between opposing ideologies which were tearing me apart. Which is why I still write about art to this day.

The art of Life

This period of my life has been a painful journey in which I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that my personal success as an artist is also my failure as an artist in the context of my own society. And it’s been in the picking up of the pieces that I’ve finally managed to understand my predicament and redefine art from my own perspective through an empirical response. I simply had no choice, if I wanted to maintain my dignity and  find a way of restoring a sense of pride and belief in my work. Having  found my direction once again, I’m still faced with the same dilemma of producing my authentic art without any support from the system, as just another the muted artist.

The art of companionship

I feel it’s a sad truth, but sometimes you have to endure great hardship, in order to elevate yourself from complacency, simply because you have no choice but to look for answers. So look for answers I did and sure enough I found them, but the truth which has emerging for me is one of inconvenience. So whilst I’ve been able to restore the faith in myself as an artist, my struggle is by no means over. I’ts just a shame that the institutions can’t deal with the simplicity of showcasing a broad representation of art.

Within 1

I feel left with no choice but to continue making authentic art which is never seen and live a life of obscurity, all because I believe in the integrity and unpredictable nature of art. Art made through an authentic pursuit of human creativity, a life searching for new ideas. Art without guarantees and certainty, because it’s made as a speculative gesture in a desperate search for substance and truth, art to connect and explore values fundamental to our existence. Not art with a price tag for rich collectors, not art made to please the movers and shakers and not art as a vain egotistical  gesture. Because art just isn’t some petty and crass business opportunity in my opinion, but more a means to communicate the authentic contemplation of life and predicament. So for me real art needs to bypass bullshit and steer clear from the tissues of lies and grandiose claims.

Hanging Out 1

You see the way I see it, is that art is not about beauty or financial value and not about any simplistic definition, but instead an open expression without boundaries. Because of this art requires a leap of faith to produce and it also requires a leap of faith for those who wish to act on its behalf. And so there is a huge responsibility upon curators, critics, and academics,  to actually understand what art is and so they can serve up a considered representation of human endeavour. Otherwise they fail in their responsibilities to society and in doing so erode the cultural wealth of nations, which in turn dilutes the values of our existence. And yes art is that important to the culture of civilisation and not some convenient pawn of a broader strategic imposition.

The cat jumped through the dream

I for my part as an artist have done my best to communicate my feelings on art and have also gone that extra mile to produce work beyond my assumed capabilities. I’ve articulated my thoughts and ideas, but from the margins I’m aware of the futility of my endeavours such as here on my blog and the other social medias where my work has such a limited reach that sadly it’s really no longer worth the effort. And so I must once again look for other ways of exposing my work to a broader audience.

 Thanks for looking 🙂

The Art of Art

Fracked 1

All I ever wanted to be was an artist and to actually understand what art is without meaningless distraction. To make art without compromise and art without the prejudice of elitist ideologies. Art by the people for the people so that creativity can be celebrated without the nonsense and interference of the elite. Sounds pretty simple, I know, but in practice the complexity of creating imagery is infinite.


To realise my intent I’ve had to live an ordinary life in an ordinary place and really just be a part of the so-called normality of typical suburban life. What should have been the realisation of a simple truth has been a journey of utmost complexity and one in which I eventually became lost and entirely caught up within the web which holds so many people in bondage. Held by the mechanisms imposed upon us all, which ensure our compliance and maintain the social order within a hierarchy. Held by the pressures of expectation both internally and externally and by what I believe are misguided traditions and values imposed on art and artists by society.


Sometimes I fear that what I’m achieving as an artist may never be understood or recognised because of my unconventional approach of being conventional. Because in making art without any carefully constructed narrative or contrived context it seems that the establishment simply can’t understand the essence of raw human creativity. It would appear to me that within this over prescribed society of convenience that we are losing the ability to think for ourselves. Losing the courage to relate to real art in case it’s not accepted into the generality of our collective consciousness. That is without the endorsements of leadership people are unable to commit to the unknown, not only out of fear but also because of lack of understanding of self. Because of this, the diversity of art is compromised at the expense of our cultural potential.


If we are told how to think and shown what is appropriate we become compliant and obedient to the whim of the state and those in whose interest it is to maintain the status quo. It’s like Stockholm syndrome in which the population is held under the spell of the state, free to the point which is deemed safe. Through art I learned to question everything and I also found answers which allowed me to liberate myself and start my long journey towards freedom. But to do this I’ve had to all but drop out of society and live a frugal life of immense material struggle, in the sea of an affluent society. It’s a time when you discover who your friends are and endure the isolation, but it’s worth it because our truth is precious.

Funked Up

To achieve my feeling of freedom I had to endure a period of sensory deprivation and learn to ignore the noise and sights imposed on my life. To switch off my radio, television and phone, so that I couldn’t be bombarded by the endless noise of, news, music, film, advertising and all the potent indoctrination of state. To sit alone in my own metaphorical darkened room so that I may actually discover who I am outside of the noisy and distracted world. And if I was lucky I might just discover my own form of creative vocabulary free from the imposition of contrived wisdom. To exist as an artist free from bullying and liberated to the extent of producing imagery in which I whole-heartedly believe in.

Lets dance 1

As an artist I now dare to be different and do what the hell I please with my art, but it wasn’t always this way because I too suffered from the general malaise I referred to earlier. However I awoke from my slumber in the realisation that if I as a free artist was unable to be free then I wasn’t doing my duty as an artist and that my life would be a wasted  opportunity. In that sense I feel that the artist in society has a significant function in providing a window to the soul, it’s just unfortunate that an artist such as myself is constantly denied the platform in which to show art to the world. Though I realise that my message is slightly subversive and is all about awakening to a deeper level of consciousness. Questioning the essence of our existence and agitating the facade so that one can glimpse into the other realities of being. I believe my work differs from the general art trends with the growing fascination for style over substance, where by my search for substance compromises style.

Must be an angel 1

Why I speak of style over substance, is because in the modern trending of art, we see an evolution of styles and ism’s, which is just a way of redressing the same human creative urge. It ties in with the social and political changes, for fashion and commerce but in a sense it’s all just about reinventing the wheel again and again and again, giving a sense of accelerated evolution. And so, rapidly everything becomes last season when in fact I believe creativity is a timeless essence of humanity, though sadly I believe we’re all becoming caught up in a tidal wave and agitated into compliant thinking. A world of one size fits all and the bland generality of viral nonsense and the shared mediocrity of globalisation.A world in which ultimately we are controlled by the small screen which has become our true companion.

Sitting Cat

I feel  I know the score sufficiently to be able to subvert my cause for notoriety, but I refuse to do this because I feel that it would subvert my art. So I stay true in the hope that one day I will have the opportunity to share my work on a more significant scale and if I don’t it doesn’t matter, because I will make the art I need to in order to live a fulfilled life. And that  will not be by living as an artist who’s oeuvre is defined by the market or establishment trending, producing art chasing popularity. But by answering the call to be an artist and exploring the human truth in the intimacy of my own reality. In the scheme of things my material compromise is a small price to pay for the realisation of  my personal significance. Because in my own life I’ve only ever found substance through the exploration of creativity to the point of feeling a profound purpose.

standing figure

I feel there is a deep logic behind my approach to art but that my art is not about a logical or rational approach. Although my approach has a certain amount of logic, it is also layered with the complexity of existence and experience, all that I can grasp and express, thrown down as speculative gestures. Art without absolutes or strict narratives because my art is about exploring the freedom of the human soul. The art of a deeper connection which eludes strict definition and absolute understanding, in the shifting circumstance of an evolving life and consciousness.

That Bull

Thanks for Looking ❤ ❤ ❤

And have a beautiful day 🙂

Art About the Face

Below are a selection of studies, some of which I started in the 1990’s. They are all part of an evolving element of my work which has in the past been put on hold, due to the pressures of surviving as an artist.

A most peculiar feeling 1

Through my art I like to challenge objectification and explore a more metaphorical approach to my imagery. To challenge notions of beauty by offering alternative imagery which has its own unique beauty.

A Resolute Focus

In the free exploration of imagery I like to test out ideas which fall into my path and ways of thinking which complement and challenge tradition. It always feels like I produce studies and I seldom reach a conclusion, because I feel aware that change is always an option with my next step.

The extraordinary act of experiencing adversity

I don’t actually know what is beautiful and what is ugly because everything is relative to fluctuating circumstance. However I have discovered beauty in ugliness and ugliness in beauty. Now my priority is creating interesting imagery which I hope is thought provoking.

The man with the holy cheek 1

After thirty years of sculpture I can’t supress the excitement I get from using colour and experimenting with imagery in the moment.


Thanks for looking beautiful people ❤



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